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Steve McQueen in Le Mans – the graphic novel

"Steve McQueen in Le Mans" is a stunning new graphic novel interpretation of the cult racing movie, released with the blessing of McQueen's estate.

Fates of famous TV and movie cars

Just like famous actors, there are iconic cars in TV and movie history that have left their mark on pop culture. We explore three of the most famous machines to race across the big and small screens.

Mapping out movie car chases

The car chase is a staple of action movies. We look at some classic car chases and the routes they took, so you can recreate them for yourself.

Celebrity cars that are up for sale this year

Celebrity personalities are often well known for their lavish spending and indulgent lifestyles. They often have a very short consumption cycle and like to purchase new luxuries on a regular basis. Cars are a big part of some celebrity spending habits and as such there are some beautiful vehicles that have famous names attached to them as previous owners.

Five of the top TV and movie cars ever

Picking the best TV or movie cars to ever hit the screen is always difficult, but Gail Watkins has a go anyway in her latest blog for The Car Expert. Here are her five favourites, but what are yours?

Driving a Ferrari 458 and being chauffered by The Stig

This week, I had the opportunity to do something that many grown men would give an important part of their anatomy to do – be driven flat-out around a racetrack in a Lamborghini Aventador by the man who was, until recently, The Stig.

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