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Kep your car cool

It can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your car, especially during the sweltering summer months. Because the metal on the car retains a lot of warmth, and the glass windows allow light and heat to pour in, lowering the cabin temperature can be an difficult task.

However, there are a few things you can do in order to prevent or solve your hot car issues. Here we look at just a few suggestions.


In the immediate instance anyone with a convertible or a sun roof can easily get rid of excess warmth, or you can simply leave the doors open for a short while to let the heat escape before you get in.  Many cars allow you to drop all the windows from the remote car key, which is an easy way to let that hot air ventilate out of your cabin.

For more long term results you can consider tinting your car’s windows. This will not only help cool the cabin but should protect your interior plastics and leathers from harmful UV rays.  A sunscreen for the front window is also a cheap and easy fix for such problems. You should also be mindful of your tyres in times of high heat, as the increase in temperature could increase tyre pressures above those recommended by the manufacturer.  This could potentially lead to an unsafe situation like a tyre blowout.


The inner workings of the car are always in need of cooling down in summer, especially if it is being used all day long.  Your engine oil could be in need of more regular changes as oil that has been heated won’t work nearly as well. The radiator and cooling system in the car should also get a once over as it is the single most important system to keep your car cool in the summer heat.  Lose that and you will find yourself at the side of the road in no time. Check your windscreen wipers to make sure they haven’t cracked over winter, and make sure your air-conditioning unit is performing properly (when was the last time you had it re-gassed?).


Other things to consider when keeping your car cool include the state of your battery, which over a period of exposure to continuous heat can react badly and leak fluid. Even something as simple as avoiding traffic can save your vehicle from overheating. Leather and vinyl seats also retain a lot more heat than fabric upholstery, so it is always wise to carry a blanket in the car and cover the seats when it is left out in the sun for an extended period.

Summer car care infographic by Shaikly

Amber Waddy is the editor of, and wrote this article on behalf of Shaikly Motor Company, an award-winning garage in Colchester, Essex.

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