The Top 10 concept cars of 2014 – Part One

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Kia GT4 Stinger concept car

7. Aston Martin DB10 (standalone launch for 007 movie ‘Spectre’)

Coming at at number (00)7 on our list of 2014’s top concept cars is James Bond’s latest set of wheels, the Aston Martin DB10. Unlike previous Bond vehicles, which have been production cars modified with the requisite machine guns and ejector seats by MI6’s  famous Q Branch, this car has been designed by Aston Martin exclusively for 007 and will not enter series production.

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So far, it has only been shown at the official launch of  the upcoming James Bond movie, SPECTRE, with a single accompanying photo from Aston Martin. The design is said to preview the next generation of Aston Martins, starting with the DB9’s replacement in about 2016. Underneath that stylish skin, it is almost certainly a parts-bin combination of Aston’s existing models, and it is highly likely that the production team will destroy several cars in the making of SPECTRE.

Almost as likely is that we will see a lot more publicity for the car as the movie draws closer to release at the end of 2015. Expect extensive coverage from the motoring media as Aston Martin and EON Productions expertly milk the publicity machine dry.

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