New York: Toyota FT-4X SUV concept unveiled

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Toyota FT-4X concept (The Car Expert)

Toyota has unveiled a new crossover SUV concept at the New York motor show, called the Toyota FT-4X.

The concept is built on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform, shared with the latest Prius and C-HR models. It previews a possible replacement for the popular retro-style FJ Cruiser, which was not sold in the UK but has been very popular in the USA and other markets.

Unlike the current trend for crossover and SUV models to look softer and more car-like, the Toyota FT-4X has a much squarer and more rugged look. Like the FJ Cruiser, the new concept has been designed by Toyota’s Californian design studio, and is aimed at “young urban people”.

The interior has been conceived as a large and versatile open space, with easily-accessible storage for all kinds of kit. The rear hatch has heated and cooled compartments, a wet zone with all-weather mats for muddy kit, and a concealed storage compartment under the cargo floor. The interior light can be removed and used as a rechargeable torch, and the stereo system can also be removed for use away from the car.

Should a production version see the light of day, it would likely be powered by a small-capacity four-cylinder petrol engine – presumably connected to a hybrid system in a similar fashion to the new C-HR crossover. The FT-4X features a full mechanical four-wheel drive setup with selectable low-range gearing.

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