What to do after a car accident

What to do after a car accident (The Car Expert)

Unfortunately, almost every car owner has been involved in a car accident. Thankfully, modern cars provide a very high level of safety and most accidents are relatively minor. Car insurance also means that most accidents are easy to solve and recover from. There are situations that are more difficult to handle, however. Let’s have a look at the things you need to do when you find yourself in a car accident.

Move away with your car

After an accident, you may feel the need to stop in the same position. This might seem beneficial, but if possible it is important to give other road users space to move on, to avoid further accidents or other dangerous situations. Many a minor car accident has become much more serious when another car has subsequently become involved. Once you have moved your car to a safe position, it is important to turn the engine off so that leaking fluids cannot catch fire. After this put on the hazard lights and, if you have them, place warning triangles to warn oncoming traffic.

Safety first!

When the car is in a safe position you should check if your fellow passengers are fine and whether those in the other car have sustained any injuries. When someone is injured severely, do not waste any time and call the emergency services.

Call the emergency services

Call emergency services after a car accident (The Car Expert)Inspect the damage that has been done to your car. When you think the damage will cost you more than £1,000 you should call the police.  Also, call the cops when any traffic law has been broken. Laws that might have been broken can include switching lanes without indicating, overlapping, or when drugs or alcohol have possibly impaired the driver’s judgement.

Gather details

Make a note of the licence plate, model and make of the cars involved. Ask for the driver’s name, driving license number and phone number. Do not forget to write down the other driver’s insurance number and the company that provides his or her cover. This makes things easier for the police when they arrive at the scene.

Write down where the car accident took place

Jot down the name of the road or street where the accident has happened. You can also write down an address or intersections that are nearby. Also draw a sketch of the scene. You can do this with a drawing but you can also use your smartphone to take pictures. Take a photo of the position of the cars and the damage that has been done.

Contact the insurance company

If the accident has just happened and you’re at the scene your memory of the accident is still fresh. This will give them the most accurate account of the situation. Your insurance company will help you construct a report of the accident and guide you through the claiming process, which means it’s always good to have the number of a towing company on hand (For a local one – we recommend this towing service in Louisville, KY). Your insurance company will now be able to start looking into the claim for you.

Talk with the police

A man who could use advice of what to do after a car accident...

A man who could use advice of what to do after a car accident…

Try to stay neutral when you are explaining the incident to the police. Do not make any assumptions about whose fault it is. Police agents are trained to assess what has happened and determine who is in the right. Be honest and don’t make contact with the insurance company of the other party involved. Your insurance company will look into these matters for you.

Now you know what to do after a car accident you will be better able to keep your cool and take care of the situation correctly. Let’s hope you’ll not find yourself in a situation like this any time soon, though!


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