Average of 179 motorists caught drunk-driving every day in December 2017

New research reveals 5,551 drivers caught intoxicated behind the wheel in the final month of last year


Police across the UK caught an average of 179 drunk-drivers per day in December 2017, new research has found.

A series of Freedom of Information requests sent to 41 police forces across the UK by insurance comparison firm Confused.com revealed 5,551 motorists were caught intoxicated behind the wheel through the final month of the year. That alone accounts for 10% of the total drink-driving offences throughout 2017.

December proved to be the highest month for caught drunk-drivers, while July followed in second with 5,213 offences. Last year as a whole also saw a 2% increase on the number of drivers caught under the influence, totalling 57,613, compared with 56,745 in 2016.

A further survey by Confused.com of 2,000 motorists revealed 4% had been caught driving over the limit at some point, with 28% of those admitting to the crime saying it occurred the morning after drinking.

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Amanda Stretton, Confused.com motoring editor, said: “There are a worrying number of people confused about how long they should wait between drinking alcohol and driving, and this has led to thousands of motorists being caught drunk behind the wheel each month.

“Drink driving can seriously impact the safety of our roads and put other road users at risk. Not only this, but it can land drivers with a fine or driving ban, which can have a negative impact on their car insurance premiums.

“To avoid getting caught out, we suggest drivers stop drinking early if they know they have to get behind the wheel in the morning, but the best advice would be to avoid drinking alcohol at all.”

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