Five freaky road laws from around the world

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If there’s one thing that’s drummed into us during our driving lives, it’s to follow the rules of the road. To the letter.  But sometimes, they might not always make that much sense. Especially when driving abroad, where some road laws are pretty bizarre. 

Check out these five freaky driving laws below:

Keeping it clean in RussiaDriving a dirty car is illegal in Russia (Freaky Road Laws - The Car Expert)

Now, they may not be that high in the popularity stakes at the moment, but if you ask me the Russians have got this law right.  If your car is dirty enough to write on with your finger, you are liable for a fine of 2000 rubles (about £35). This law is enacted mainly to prevent muddied and obscured license plates, but it’s up to the officers to decide.

However, they don’t make it easy for the Russian people to keep their vehicles clean – it’s illegal to wash your car by hand on public property for ecological reasons, so you have to take it to the local car wash.

Handy hazard in Cyprus Making a gesture while driving (Freaky road laws - The Car Expert)

Road rage is a big issue across the world. And Cyprus is cracking down on the problem with a strict law that would generate millions if enforced in the UK.

Any aggressive hand gesture made can get you fined 25 Euros (about £20). The law states that “a driver can be fined if the person is in an irregular position inside the vehicle or raises his hand from the steering wheel unnecessarily.”

Paving the way to an accident in the USA Driving on the pavement, sidewalk, footpath (freaky road laws - The Car Expert)

One thing we typically expect from driving rules and road laws is that they are enforced while on the road itself. Not so in the state of Oregon, USA.  Here, the law states that it’s perfectly fine to drive on the pavement. As long as you move out of the way for pedestrians, of course.

It ‘s also illegal to place a container filled with human faecal matter on the side of any highway.  Well there you go.

Drink driving in Costa Rica…but it’s not what you think Drink driving in Costa Rica (Freaky road laws - The Car Expert)

Drink driving is an issue taken extremely seriously in all countries across the world. Except in Costa Rica.

Here, you can drink an alcoholic beverage while you are driving. But there are some stipulations.  The limit of allowed alcohol is 0.5 grams per litre of blood. Meet or exceed the limit and you’ll face a fine. 0.75 grams or higher will land you in prison for one to three years.

Check for children in Denmark Check under your car for children (Freaky road laws - The Car Expert)

Before embarking on your journey, the road laws in Denmark state that you must check under the car for any sleeping children (but not awake children? – ed).

And if there are children under there, it’s probably best to give them a nudge and move the little tykes on.

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Luke Dodd
Luke Dodd
Luke Dodd is resident blogger for Recycle Motors, Sell My Car Quick and Target Ink. He is passionate about all things new and quirky in the motoring world.

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  1. Literally did not know you could drink and drive in Costa Rica! the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard but it’s made my day, cheers Luke! – Thomas

  2. I like the law about hand gestures. Totally unenforceable but there you go. The chav hand gesture that is like a ‘What’s going on?’ double handed wave really winds me up. How is anyone expected to know what you mean anyway? I always look for legs sticking out from under my car before I set off. It’s the sensible thing to do.

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