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The seven biggest car flops of all time

All of these cars were launched with high hopes. Hopes that were quickly shattered...

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When unveiled at a motor show, many cars will elicit a gasp from the audience, maybe even shocked silence. It is an experience shared by the very best and the very worst cars – perhaps the only thing they have in common. The thing is, it’s not always good to leave everyone speechless.

You see, sometimes car manufacturers get it wrong – and in the case of the following cars, catastrophically wrong.  That’s not to say that there aren’t those out there who love these cars – one on the list was a best-seller at one point.

Rather, what determines if a car flops is how it becomes recognised by the industry and the public for all the wrong reasons.

Some of these cars are simply poorly designed or badly engineered (or both). Some, despite looking or driving really well, were simply completely wrong at the time. Read on for our biggest car flops list.

7. Hummer H2

The Hummer H2 was a bit of a massive flop

Beasty, loud and excessive, this Hummer was a case of the wrong car at the wrong time.

With 9/11 still fresh in the world’s mind, and the war on terror well underway, the Hummer represented everything about the USA that were points of contention at the time – a thirst for oil, a militaristic and intimidating appearance, and a certain arrogance that really didn’t go down well with much of the US public – whilst in the UK it is one of the lowest-selling cars of all time.

In fact, there were those that felt so strongly about the message the Hummer brand put across that they torched a dealership in southern California. Not the best PR for General Motors, who were at that time repossessing and crushing one of the early electric car contenders, effectively halting the progress in electric car technology for another few years.

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