The seven biggest car flops of all time

All of these cars were launched with high hopes. Hopes which were quickly shattered...

The Ford Edsel is regarded as one the biggest flops in automotive history

1. Ford Edsel – the biggest of all the flops in automotive history?

Ford Edsel 1959The Edsel model range by Ford predates most of the other car flops featured here.  The Edsel earns its top rank though – in fact, it failed so hard that the term ‘Edsel’ is often used in the industry to describe an absolute and complete failure. Ford had high hopes for the Edsel range, supposedly targeting middle market buyers – the middle ground between Ford and Mercury.

The problem was that buyers were left confused. Why would they buy an Edsel rather than a Mercury, or any other car manufacturer for that matter? Not to mention the fact that nobody had money to buy the cars – recession hit in 1957, just as the Edsel was launched – it just didn’t stand a chance.

Take note, car manufacturers – it’s hard to produce a good car, but easy to produce a bad one. Keep it simple and you might just come out on top.

Ford Edsel launched at the 1958 Detroit Auto Show

Ford Edsel brochure from 1958

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