Alfa Romeo offers extra £2,000 deposit contribution on selected models

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Alfa Romeo is offering a £2,000 deposit contribution on selected Mito, Giulietta, Giulia and 4C models sold and delivered by the end of September.

The “Test Me” promotion offers a £2,000 deposit contribution for customers taking out a personal contract purchase (PCP) car finance agreement after test driving one of the selected models.

This promotion is over and above any existing deposit contribution offers. For example, Giulietta models currently have advertised deposit contributions of £1,550 to £2,800, while selected Giulia models have an advertised deposit contribution of £750 and the 4C gets £500.

The Alfa Romeo website suggests that the £2,000 Test Me offer can also be used on a hire purchase (HP) finance agreement, but does not provide any details. It is not able to be used on a personal contract hire (PCH) lease agreement.

The Car Expert explains the fine print

  • This offer provides a £2,000 deposit contribution towards selected new Alfa Romeo models, over and above any other offers.
  • The offers listed on the Alfa Romeo website are only examples, and you are entitled to adjust the term, deposit and annual mileage to suit your own needs.The APRs and annual mileages shown on the examples vary considerably, so check the details carefully to make sure you are happy with what you are being offered.
  • The APRs, annual mileages and excess mileage charges shown on the examples vary considerably, so check the details carefully to make sure you are happy with what you are being offered.
  • Excess mileage fees only apply if you are giving the car back and claiming the guaranteed future value (GFV).
  • Cars have to be ordered and delivered by 30 September 2017.
  • The finance offers are provided through Alfa Romeo dealers by FCA Automotive Services. If a dealer offers you a finance deal that does not match these details or from another lender, it is not part of this offer.

As with any car purchase, work out your budget before you visit the showroom and don’t be persuaded to go beyond it – regardless of what the smiling sales executive suggests. They don’t have your best interests at heart, but The Car Expert does!

Alfa Romeo Mito now available with a £2,000 deposit contribution

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Stuart Masson
Stuart Masson
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