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Aston Martin DBS

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Expert Rating

Aston Martin DBS

(2018 – present)


    The Aston Martin DBS was unveiled in 2018 in both coupe and two-seat convertible form, as the iconic UK brand’s V12 GT flagship. Originally known as the DBS Superleggera, from summer 2021 it is now simply called the DBS.

    Replacing the Vanquish, it’s based on the DB11 but with bespoke details that make it worthy of both one of Aston Martin’s most renowned nameplates, DBS, and the name of a company that worked with Aston in the 1960s-70s to make the cars lighter in weight.

    The 5.2-litre engine pumps out 725hp, producing a 0-62mph time of just 3.4 seconds and 0-100mph in 6.4 seconds – in the Sunday Times Jeremy Clarkson, remarkably, describes it as “almost too fast – treat the throttle with extreme caution.”

    What Car? Also highlights the power, which in the convertible is “almost twice as much as a basic Porsche 911 Cabriolet,” and adds that this comes with considerable weight saving from replacing most of the aluminium panels with carbon-fibre.

    Auto Express likes the look of the DBS, stating; “Matching the impressive performance with striking styling gives the Aston real presence next to super or even hypercars.” And the ability of the car to eat up the miles is not lost on testers; “It is a disarmingly easy supercar to get to know, and live with every day,” says Evo.

    However considering the special status of the DBS, and a price more than £70,000 higher than a DB11, some of the interior trim is disappointing. “The instrument panels are a bit ZX Spectrum and the air vents shouldn’t be this plasticky,” says Autocar.

    Auto Express adds that the DBS is not perfect; “There are a few niggles, but these are dwarfed by the positives – the overall result is a car well worth remortgaging the house for.”

    In summer 2021, Aston Martin announced that the car would henceforth simply be known as DBS, presumably because the marketing department got tired being asked how to spell ‘Superleggera’ all the time.

    As of June 2022, the Aston Martin DBS holds an excellent Expert Rating of 86% based on 20 different reviews.

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    DBS highlights

    • Very exclusive
    • Incredibly powerful
    • Looks the part
    • Comfortable long-distance cruiser

    DBS lowlights

    • Power needs skilled handling
    • Interior not as plush as the price
    • Infotainment could be better
    • Very expensive – to buy and to own

    Key specifications

    Body style: Coupé and convertible
    Engine: petrol
    Price: From £161,500 on-road

    Launched: Summer 2018
    Last updated: N/A
    Replacement due: TBA

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    Auto Express


    Auto Trader










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    Top Gear


    What Car?


    Safety rating

    No safety rating

    The Aston Martin DBS has not been crash tested by Euro NCAP and, given its price and exclusivity, we’re not expecting that it ever will be tested.

    If it does happen, we’ll published the test results here.

    Eco rating

    No eco rating

    The Aston Martin DBS has not been lab tested by Green NCAP. Once again, we’re not holding our breath waiting for it to happen.

    It’s a high-performance supercar powered by a V12 petrol engine, so it’s pretty safe to assume that it wouldn’t score highly if it was ever lab tested by Green NCAP…

    Reliability rating

    MotorEasy logo 600x167

    As of June 2022, we don’t have enough reliability data on the Aston Martin DBS to generate a reliability rating.

    The Car Expert’s reliability information is provided exclusive from extended warranty data from our partner, MotorEasy. As soon as MotorEasy has sufficient data on the DBS, we’ll publish the score here.


    Trophies, prizes and awards that the Aston Martin DBS has received


    • Sunday Times Motor Awards – Best Sports Car


    • Sunday Times Motor Awards – Best-Designed Car

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    There are several alternatives to the Aston Martin DBS and What Car? suggests one comes from the same brand, arguing that the less powerful DB11 is a better value. The McLaren 720S rivals the DBS on price as does the Ferrari 812 Superfast, though a very different car, while convertible buyers can have a Bentley Continental GT for less money.    

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    The Car Expert has the ultimate ranking of the best and worst new cars on sale, based on scores from 30 of the top UK motoring websites. We'll be adding more cars and more lists all the time, so keep checking back for the latest results.

    Aston Martin DBSThe Aston Martin DBS is a supremely powerful flagship GT with a price to match – but is it actually too fast?