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Audi A7

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Expert Rating

Audi A7

(2018 – present)


    The Audi A7 Sportback aims to fill the needs of those who want sleek looks in their car but also want to carry adults in the rear seats, and it meets the brief very well.

    With its swooping rear this is one of the most visually attractive cars in the Audi range yet it is also practical – behind the plentiful rear-seat space there is a tailgate on a car whose silhouette suggests a boot lid. The A7 is based on the Audi A6 saloon, so it’s definitely a large car that runs to almost five metres length.

    The Audi A7 Sportback comes with a choice of petrol and diesel engines. Depending on which you go for, the power will go to either the front or all four wheels. Common to all are mild hybrid systems that allow the car to coast at above 35mph, improving fuel economy. Or you can go the full hog with the TSFI e plug-in hybrid.

    Top of the regular Audi A7 range is the S7, which is powered by a 344hp diesel engine. There is also seriously high-performance RS 7 model, but that is not covered on this page. We’re building a separate analysis for that model, so check back soon.

    As of September 2023, the Audi A7 Sportback range holds an Expert Rating of 66% based on 29 different reviews. That puts it three points ahead of its nearest direct rival, the Mercedes-Benz CLS, but five points the mechanically identical Audi A6.

    Reviewers like the refinement of the A7, especially under electric power, but less so its ride quality, which with the big wheels most suited to the looks makes for rather firm progress. The car is marked down for feeling less connected behind the wheel compared to rivals such as the Porsche Panamera.

    When the current Audi A7 arrived in 2018, it brought with it significant technology. Niceties such as the digital touchscreens earn praise, as does the fit and finish of the interior, dubbed luxurious by many testers.

    However, making full use of the tech means much dipping into the options list and the car quickly becomes very expensive – especially as Audi’s equivalent saloon, the A6, offers much of what the A7 does with more practicality and for nearly £10K less money.        

    Audi A7 highlights

    • Sleeker and more attractive than the A6 saloon
    • Rear-seat space belies its looks
    • High-tech specification
    • Refined petrol engine

    Audi A7 lowlights

    • Expensive, especially once options are added
    • Firm ride, especially on largest available wheels
    • Handling prowess can’t match rivals
    • Touchscreens not easy to operate on the move

    Key specifications

    Body style: Large five-door liftback
    Engines: petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid
    Price: From £53,160 on-road

    Launched: Spring 2018
    Last updated: Spring 2020
    Replacement due: TBA

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    Safety rating

    Independent crash test and safety ratings from Euro NCAP

    Overall score: 5 stars
    Date tested: October 2019
    Read the full Euro NCAP review

    Adult protection: 93%
    Child protection: 85%
    Vulnerable road users: 81%
    Safety assist: 76%

    Notes on safety

    The Audi A7 shares its safety rating with the A6 saloon upon which it’s based. The A6 was tested by Euro NCAP and awarded a five-star rating in 2018, and Audi was required to provide additional evidence to show that the A7 would behave the same way in an emergency to be awarded the same rating. The A6’s five-star rating was subsequently extended to cover all A7 models in 2019.

    Eco rating

    Independent economy and emissions ratings from Green NCAP

    Model tested: 50 TDI 4×4 Auto

    Overall score: 1 stars
    Date tested: February 2019
    Read the full Green NCAP review

    Clean Air Index: 7.3 / 10
    Energy Efficiency Index: 2.5 / 10

    Notes on eco rating

    The Green NCAP rating above only applies to the 3.0-litre diesel automatic 50 TDI version of the Audi A7, as Green NCAP ratings are specific to engine/gearbox/drivetrain.

    If any other versions of the A7 are put through the Green NCAP lab testing programme, we will publish the results here.

    Reliability rating

    MotorEasy logo 600x167

    Reliability data provided exclusively for The Car Expert by MotorEasy

    All data based on MotorEasy average workshop costs for extended car warranty claims

    The Audi A7 has a reliability score that’s very slightly better than average, according to exclusive extended warranty data provided by our partners at MotorEasy. This score covers both the current-generation A7 and the original (pre-2018) version.

    Around a quarter of all reported problems with the A7 relate to its engine, and repairs of this nature have an alarming average repair bill of about £1,900. Be aware of gearbox issues too – they are expensive and rather common with an average repair bill of more than £3,000.

    If you’re looking at a used Audi A7, make sure any extended warranty cover you purchase covers all of these potential problem areas.

    Running cost rating

    Clear Vehicle Data logo close crop

    Monthly cost of ownership data provided exclusively for The Car Expert by Clear Vehicle Data

    Fuel consumptionAverageScoreVariationScore
    Petrol models35 mpgD30 – 36 mpgD – E
    Diesel models45 mpgC35 – 50 mpgB – D
    Plug-in hybrid models195 mpgA135 – 235 mpgA – A
    CO₂ outputAverageScoreVariationScore
    Petrol models181 g/kmC176 – 215 g/kmC – D
    Diesel models167 g/kmC146 – 208 g/kmB – D
    Plug-in hybrid models33 g/kmA29 – 47 g/kmA – A
    Battery rangeAverageScoreVariationScore
    Plug-in hybrid models41 milesD28 – 42 milesD – E
    Insurance groupAverageScoreVariationScore
    All models47D40 – 50C – F
    Service and maintenanceCostScore
    Year 1£326C
    Year 2£830C
    Year 3£1,364C
    Year 4£1,637C
    Year 5£2,116C

    Running costs for the Audi A7 range are a mixed bag, according to data provided exclusively to The Car Expert by our commercial partner, Clear Vehicle Data.

    Fuel economy is disappointing for petrol models but decent for diesel-engined versions. The plug-in hybrid models look amazing on paper, but this is largely thanks to ridiculous EU/UK government lab tests that are completely inadequate for plug-in hybrids. There is no way you will ever travel for 191 miles on a single gallon (4.5 litres) of fuel and some electricity…

    The battery range of the plug-in hybrid model is decent compared to most rivals, providing 41 miles of electric-only range. It means that most households could some most of their weekly driving without using any petrol, but not all without consistent recharging.

    Compared to the rest of the large saloon sector, the car’s service and maintenance costs are pretty average. Insurance costs likely to be high, though, based on data from the UK’s insurance group assessor, Thatcham Research.


    Trophies, prizes and awards that the Audi A7 has received


    • Company Car Today CCT100 Awards – Best Luxury Car

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    The Car Expert has the ultimate ranking of the best and worst new cars on sale, based on scores from 30 of the top UK motoring websites. We'll be adding more cars and more lists all the time, so keep checking back for the latest results.

    The Audi A7 Sportback is surprisingly practical despite sleek looks. It bristles with technology but can’t match rivals in ride and handling.Audi A7