Hayley Spring

Hayley Spring
Hayley Spring is a freelance car columnist based in the UK, currently writing in conjunction with Renault Retail.
MOT test centre (The Car Expert 2013)

The essential pre-MOT checklist

Many car owners fear the annual MOT roadworthiness test. If you are worried that your car might fail, here is a handy checklist provided by Motorparks.co.uk to give you an idea of what to look at before taking your car in to be tested.
Renault Alpine A110-50 concept car

My five top concept cars of all time

Over the years, there have been many amazing concept cars. Hayley Spring narrows them down into her favourite five concepts of all time.
Iced up car windows / car windscreen

The importance of cleaning your car windows on a cold morning

As the mornings get colder, demisting and de-icing your car windows becomes an issue. So what's the best method for keeping your windscreen clear?