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2019 trends - Warranty Direct blog

The biggest motoring trends to look out for in 2019

Warranty Direct looks at the car trends set to hit the automotive industry in 2019. What will be the things that drivers are looking for this year?
winter tyres

The pros and cons of winter tyres

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of winter tyres so that you can make the best possible decision this winter.
foggy drive image from Warranty Direct

10 tips for driving safely in fog

(sponsored) Even for confident and experienced drivers, fog can be one of the most daunting and dangerous weather conditions to drive in.
Warranty Direct car driving off into the sunset

Extended car warranties: a simple guide

(sponsored) If you’ve ever bought a used car, you’ve probably asked yourself if you should buy an extended warranty. Hopefully this guide will help!
Warranty Direct winter driving tips | The Car Expert

Car maintenance tips for winter

While it’s a bit grim to think about winter when autumn has only just started, it’s important that you prepare your car (and yourself!) for the season.
Warranty Direct used car buying tips | The Car Expert

10 tips for buying a used car

(sponsored) When buying a used car, there’s a lot to consider. Follow these 10 tips to make sure you pick the right second-hand car at the right price.
Hidden cost of MOT failures | Warranty Direct | The Car Expert

Hidden reasons for MOT failures and how to avoid them

(sponsored) Earlier this year, major changes to the MOT test regarding the way faults and problems are classified were made.
Warranty Direct checklist

What to look for in a student car

(sponsored) For many young people, owning a car is a rite of passage. But selecting the right student car can be tricky.

All in a day’s work – breaking down the UK commute

(sponsored) For most people, the daily commute is an inevitable part of life. It can range from an easy two-minute walk to a gruelling two-hour journey.
Car showroom - Warranty Direct blog

A guide to getting the best car upgrade

(sponsored) Be sure you’re getting the best deal and not left out of pocket when buying your next car. Read our guide on getting a swankier car, for less.
Warranty Direct blog - performance vs economy

Driving performance vs economy

(sponsored) With environmental concerns at the forefront of news stories, it’s not surprising many people want to ‘go green’ with their next vehicle.
Warranty Direct - car keys

Key factors to consider for new drivers

(sponsored) To guide you through the complex world of car-buying, Warranty Direct has some advice on essential considerations for first-time buyers.
Warranty Direct - road trip

The five best weekend road trips in the UK

(sponsored) To give you a taste of what the UK has to offer, Warranty Direct shares its top picks for a memorable road trip.
Warranty Direct Road Rage Britain header

Road Rage Britain

(sponsored) Road rage is a strange behaviour – even th emost laid-back people can have a Jekyll and Hyde transformation once they get in a car.
Warranty Direct Motoring Guinness World Records

Motoring Guinness World Records

(sponsored) The fastest mobile bed, the longest banana car... We explore some of the wackiest Guinness World Records in motoring history.

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