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Beat the record-high demand by leasing an in-stock car

Customer demand may be at an all time high, but there is no need to wait for your next lease deal, choose an in-stock car today. (sponsored)

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If you’ve tried to lease a new car in the last six months, your experience may not have been as smooth as you would’ve hoped. 

As the automotive world endures the reality of a post-Covid-19 market, customers are now feeling the knock-on effects, enduring lengthy delays in their search for a new car lease.

As a result of the global semiconductor shortage, car production has been seriously hampered in recent months and it shows no signs of slowing down as we prepare to hit 2022.

Some manufacturers are now reportedly offering customers delivery dates between four and 12 months in advance. 

The current stock issues that surround new cars is an ever-changing situation and customers should always seek clarity if applicable. Each manufacturer is experiencing different problems, and this is resulting in varying lead times.

A solution to this is to choose an in-stock lease deal, where cars can be delivered as quickly as just four weeks.

Choosing an in-stock vehicle as your next car lease is an easy way to avoid long delays or disappointment amid the uncertainty that surrounds new car production at the moment. 

There are fewer risks that come with choosing an in-stock vehicle in the current climate, with factory-ordered vehicles having the risk of further delays.

Despite the current issues that surround the automotive industry, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has reported record figures when it comes to customer demand.

In-stock vehicles can be ordered and delivered straight to your door in a fraction of the time, giving you peace of mind as you look to get back on the road.

Quicker delivery times doesn’t mean you compromise on any other element of your lease. Choosing an in-stock vehicle is one of the many fantastic methods to get the best value for money from your lease.

Leasing an in-stock vehicle rather than a factory-built car could mean that you miss out on your preferred model or trim level, but you could also save money on your monthly payment.

According to reports, Tesla are one of the few manufacturers that are not experiencing delays in their delivery process.

Tesla Model 3 lease deal is a valuable and cost-effective way to fund a more efficient daily drive – especially for business customers. 

Like many of their rivals, new Ford and Mercedes models are reportedly being built with compromised specification lists following the shortage of chips.

However, if you’re looking for a Ford Focus lease or a Mercedes C-Class lease, Carparison have a wide range of offers on personal and business deals.

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