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The best cars for young drivers to lease

If you are a young driver, have you considered leasing your next car? Its an affordable way to drive some of the most modern cars on sale.

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Car leasing is a cost-effective method for younger drivers to get behind the wheel of some of the most modern and safest cars on the road.

Driving at a young age can often be an expensive experience, with the potential for sky-high insurance costs and unexpected bills from unreliable old motors.

Whether you’re a young driver after your first, second or third vehicle, many benefits come with leasing, including fixed monthly payments, flexible lease terms and the ability to widen the pool of vehicles available to you.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf (2020 onwards) Expert Rating

Always a popular choice among younger drivers, a Volkswagen Golf lease is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a trendy, reliable hatchback that delivers on all fronts.

With a wide range of engine options, it falls into an affordable insurance group with competitive monthly payments… it is the definition of an affordable car for younger drivers.

The kit list on the entry-level Life is generous, meaning it offers fantastic value for money. Those searching for more performance have the option to upgrade to R-Line, GTI and GTD options too – there’s something for every budget.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 (2020 onwards) Expert Rating

If you’re considering a Hyundai lease deal, look no further than the i10. It’s the smallest car in the Hyundai line-up and makes for the perfect choice for those looking for something compact and easy to run.

Like the Golf, it is placed in a well-priced insurance group, the i10 also comes with low running costs and still offers the modern good looks that are so often desired among younger drivers.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta – Britain's best-selling car 2020

Driving around in a Ford Fiesta during your late teens and early 20s is something of a badge of honour – a necessary must, if you will. But for good reason.

The numerous engine options available make the Fiesta a cost-effective, spacious hatchback. It delivers stylish looks and comes with a respectable level of technology too. 

If you’re someone who isn’t quite ready for an electric car lease deal, a Ford Fiesta lease is the next best thing thanks to their brilliant range of EcoBoost hybrid engines.

Audi A1

Audi A1 Sportback (2018 onwards) Expert Rating

Leasing your next vehicle can open more avenues to drive away in something more premium and the Audi A1 ticks this box.

The A1 is a fantastic choice when it comes to Audi leasing. It’s a quality hatchback that offers that high-quality finish we’ve come to expect from one of the big three German manufacturers. 

A refined style and assured drive make the A1 a compelling choice. Insurance and running costs will also be competitive for this class, so it doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

SEAT Ibiza

SEAT Ibiza hatch (2018 onwards) – Expert Rating

Young drivers love a hatchback. They’re practical, have enough space to fit a crowd of rowdy teenagers and they’re affordable to run.

The SEAT Ibiza, often overlooked in this class, deserves a spot as a worthy contender for young drivers. 

Why? As standard, it comes well-specced and its wide range of trim levels opens up opportunities to customise this punchy hatch to your desire. 

With a SEAT Ibiza lease, you get the sporty looks that the Spanish brand is known for at an affordable monthly cost. 

Carparison’s best car lease deals can suit your every need. Contact their leasing experts at www.carparisonleasing.co.uk for more information.

Carparison aims to provide an industry-leading vehicle leasing service: combining personal, impartial advice with the tools to source the very best available leasing offers in the current marketplace.