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The UK’s best GAP insurance providers

Finding a good GAP insurance deal has become a lot easier with this handy guide from The Car Expert


Finding a good GAP insurance deal has become a lot easier, since the government introduced a mandatory two-day period between dealers selling you a car and selling you a GAP insurance policy.

Gone is the pressure of being forced into an GAP agreement on the spot, which means that thousands of new car buyers come home from dealerships to start looking up GAP insurance online. And behold, they discover that prices are usually vastly cheaper from specialist insurance providers.

Of course, not all car buyers have the time, energy or inclination to seek out the best deal online to save themselves a penny or two. So The Car Expert has created this handy guide to help you direct you to the best GAP insurance providers here in the UK.

The key takeaway is: Don’t buy from the dealer. You’ll almost always find the same level of cover is much cheaper elsewhere.

Specialist GAP insurers also have a far wider range of GAP products than car dealers, so you can tailor your cover to meet your precise needs. For more information, have a read of our guide to GAP insurance terminology.

We’ve rounded up some of the UK’s top GAP providers below. If you’ve had some good experiences with any other providers, let us know in the comments below and we can add them to our list.

ALA Insurance*

They say: We pride ourselves on giving open and honest information, helping the customer every step of the way

Competitively priced, ALA is one of the best-known GAP insurers around. They have a near-perfect reputation across both Vehicle Replacement and Return-to-Invoice policy type (for more info, read our guide to GAP insurance terminology).

Though not always the cheapest, the coverage is exceptionally fair, with no mileage restrictions, a claim period of 120 days and free-of-charge transfer option to place your previous policy against a new set of wheels if you change cars during your policy term. 

In terms of customer reviews, GAPinsurance.co.uk has a Gold Feefo award, compared to Direct GAP’s Platinum service status.


They say: The team of motoring experts at MotorEasy make owning and maintaining a car easy and hassle free.

GAP insurance is just one of the motoring services that MotorEasy offers its customers, with the company aiming to be a one-stop-shop for all your car ownership needs. What’s more, it supports commercial vehicles, provided they’re not over 3,500kg. MotorEasy’s service ratings are an “Excellent 4.7/5” on both Trust Pilot and eKomi, and it also has a five-star rating from Defaqto.

MotorEasy has found itself a loyal customer base with a really simple quote feature on its website. There is an overall mileage limit of 100,000 to be aware of and there’s no transfer option for the policy, meaning that your cover ends if you sell the car. However, you do get a pro-rata refund if you cancel outside the first 30 days.

Direct GAP

They say: We offer a range of fully featured products at affordable prices

Claiming to be the UK’s #1 GAP provider (though not stating in what way), Direct GAP has some rave customer reviews to support its grandiose claims. Like Click4GAP, however, it has geographical limitations. However, policies do include travel to Europe and other individual countries, provided the trip is no longer than 120 days.

On return-to-invoice and vehicle replacement GAP policies, you can transfer your cover to another vehicle or claim refund any unused portion of the policy if you sell the car.


They say: The UK’s original online GAP insurance provider

If price is your overriding concern, GAPinsurance.co.uk is one of the most competitive GAP insurance providers around. There’s good reason for that. Gapinsurance.co.uk’s cover extends to very specific set of vehicles, excluding sportier models, such as the BMW X5 M and the VW Golf R.

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*The Car Expert has commercial partnerships with ALA Insurance and MotorEasy. If you click through to their websites and proceed to purchase a used car warranty, we may receive a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay.

This list is regularly updated to ensure the information is accurate. Last update: June 2022

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