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The best used V6 cars for under £10,000

The V6 engine has featured in all manner of cars, but which ones can you now buy for under £10,000?

Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z V6 | The Car Expert

The Nissan 350Z was seen by many as a return to form for the Nissan ‘Z-car’ series, after the previous 300ZX had grown quite large and cumbersome in its later years.

Powered by a naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6, the 350Z makes a wonderful sound. With 280hp on tap, it’s no slouch in a straight line either, and it handles well enough to hold its own against almost any other sports car when the roads get twisty.

The low-tide mark of the 350Z market is under £4,000, though good examples are found at over £7,000. Alternatively, the bottom of the market for its successor – the 370Z – just scrapes in below our £10,000 mark, but expect a high-miler for your money.

Ford Mondeo ST220

Ford Mondeo ST220 V6 | The Car Expert

Unlike the Mercedes C32 AMG, the Ford Mondeo ST220 is certainly not a sleeper.

While the 230hp 3.0-litre V6 that powered the Mondeo through the front wheels is not the most powerful in this list, it is attached to a car that’s exceedingly outward with its performance intentions. And fortunately, it goes as quickly it looks like it should, making it a fun – if not understated – choice.

Prices for the ST220 can be as low as £1,000, but the best examples go for over £4,000.

Infiniti G37

Infiniti G37 V6 | The Car Expert

The G37 was billed as a rival to the BMW 3 Series, and the G37 was the upper echelon of the line-up. You could choose from saloon, coupé or convertible body styles.

Powered by the same 3.7-litre V6 engine that can also be found in the Nissan 370Z, the G37 is something of a sleeper, without being so performance-biased that you can’t use it on a day-to-day basis.

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The G37 is relatively rare, but good examples can be found from £8,000. It may look like something of a bargain compared to prices of similar cars from the big German brands, but you will have to spend time explaining to your mates that Infiniti is a real car company (although it won’t be around in the UK for much longer).

Renault Avantime

Renault Avantime V6 | The Car Expert

OK, we’ll include one people carrier. But we’re going to make it a bizarre one…

The Renault Avantime is certainly a unique car in the not-so-grand pantheon of people carriers. For starters, you don’t really see many two-door people carriers around (probably for very good reason).

Built by Renault affiliate Matra, the glass-roofed vehicle offered a 3.0-litre V6 with 210hp, which gives it a surprising amount of pace and – if you really want to push it – not a bad engine sound either.

Being an extremely rare and unusual car, market value is quite variable. However, at the time of writing, £3,000 looks to be the lower end of the market for the Avantime. Good examples look to be over £5,000 at the very least.

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