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BMW and MINI announce part-exchange allowance for older diesels

£2,000 offer to part-ex your old diesel on a new low-emissions BMW or MINI model

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The BMW Group has announced a new £2,000 part-exchange allowance for customers trading in an older diesel car on a new low-emissions BMW or MINI model.

For the rest of 2017, any owner of any Euro 4 (or older) diesel car will be eligible for an additional £2,000 part-exchange allowance over and above their car’s value when they buy a new BMW or MINI with a CO2 emissions rating of less than 130g/km.

The BMW Group claims that 80% of new BMW models and 70% of new MINI models are eligible for the allowance, with a range of electric, plug-in hybrid, petrol and diesel models to choose from.

As customer demand for new diesel cars continues to slide, and values of older diesel models plummet, BMW hopes to snare buyers who are worried about their current car’s value and also boost sales of its latest Euro 6 diesel models. The BMW website shows 58 models that qualify for the new offer, two-thirds of which are diesel. The MINI website lists 57 qualifying models, 56% of which are diesel.

The offer is not limited to current BMW owners, so you can part-exchange an old diesel from any brand as long as it is built to Euro 4 standards or earlier. To check if your car is eligible, visit this government link: http://carfueldata.direct.gov.uk/search-new-or-used-cars.aspx

The allowance is in addition to any other offer available from the manufacturer, finance company or dealership, such as a deposit contribution or discount.

The Car Expert explains the fine print

  • This offer is a part-exchange allowance, for selected used cars part-exchanged against selected new cars.
  • Your current car must be a diesel, from any brand, with an engine that is built to Euro 4 emissions standard or earlier. This will definitely be cars built no later than 2010, although some cars had Euro 5 specification engines earlier than this.
  • You must be the owner of the part-exchange vehicle and the buyer of the new car (same name and registered address). You must also have owned the old car for at least 12 months, to stop people buying an old diesel banger for £200 and then getting a £2,000 part-exchange allowance for it.
  • You must have owned the old car for at least 12 months, to stop people buying an old diesel banger for £200 and then getting a £2,000 part-exchange allowance for it.
  • This offer can be used on top of any other offers from the dealer/manufacturer/finance company, or the government plug-in car grant.
  • The offer is not dependent on you taking any finance package or other products.

MINI announces part-exchange allowance for old diesels

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