Do you have questions about buying a car that you would like answered? Well, in addition to the wealth of material that’s already available here at The Car Expert, Stuart will be hosting a live Twitter Q&A for NatWest this Thursday.

NatWest’s Life Moments series on managing your money covers a range of financial topics, and their latest feature is all about buying a car. Naturally, they called The Car Expert for some assistance, so Stuart has written a number of articles for the NatWest website and starred in four videos covering different aspects of buying and owning a car.

On top of all that, Stuart and NatWest are running a live Q&A session on buying a car this Thursday night at 7pm over at The Car Expert’s Twitter account @TheCarExpertUK.

Join Stuart from The Car Expert and NatWest for a live Twitter Q&A on buying a car this weekFollowing the themes of the feature so far, we will be looking at different car finance options, things to look for in a finance quote, running costs and selling your car at the end of your finance agreement. But you are welcome to ask any other questions you have about buying a car.

Join us on Twitter this Thursday night at 7pm

The Twitter Q&A will take place this Thursday (15 October) from 7pm to 8pm. Tweet your questions to @TheCarExpertUK and use the hashtag #buyingacar. We will attempt to answer as many questions as we can in the time provided, and your question may end up being the subject of a future #AskTCE article!


  1. Hi. I have signed an order form paid the deposit and was waiting for a delivery date. Unfortunately the car dealer has informed me he made a mistake and gave me to much discount and wants me to pay an extra £1000.

    I know I have legally binding contract and the car dealer is trying to alter the terms. I am not prepared to pay another penny. He also informed me my problem is the manufacturer and not the dealership.

    Have you experienced this in the past and if so whas there any way the dealer doesn’t have to honour the contract.

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