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If you’re thinking about leasing a new car for personal or business use, The Car Expert’s car leasing advice can help get you get the best car for your budget.

Leasing has become an increasingly popular way to drive a new car. The Car Expert provides independent and impartial information on every aspect of car leasing to help you .

The Car Expert gives you the knowledge you need to be able to make an informed decision about any finance or leasing agreement you are considering. You should always consider any lease offer carefully before signing a contract or agreement. The Car Expert does not provide specific advice on any leasing quotation or offer.

Car finance glossary

The Car Expert has put together this comprehensive glossary of car finance terms to help you understand exactly what all the jargon means.

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The best websites for leasing a new car

If you're looking to lease a new car, which websites should you turn to? We've had a look at some of the best car leasing sites to help you.

How to avoid finance and leasing penalty charges

With most new cars funded through either PCP or contract hire, it's important that your car is in good condition when you hand it back.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) explained

Personal contract hire (PCH) is a popular way of driving a new car. It is considered a viable alternative to a personal contract purchase (PCP).

Volvo ‘Care by Volvo’ scheme takes on leasing

Volvo is launching a premium leasing programme called 'Care by Volvo', as an answer to the increasing trend to leasing instead of buying.

Buying a car or leasing: which one is for you?

Should you buy or lease a car? We’ve summarised the top reasons for both buying and leasing a car – hopefully it will help you decide what's best for you (sponsored post).

Car leasing advice for start-up businesses

If you have a start-up business, you probably don't have spare cash to drop on a new car. However, leasing may be a viable option in certain situations.

Car leasing – where to start?

Leasing options can vary from one company to another, and the contractual jargon can be complicated and confusing. To ensure you’re well informed when it comes to leasing a vehicle, here are some key points to remember (sponsored post).


Most car finance and leasing activity in the UK is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and anyone involved in the selling of car finance or brokering of leasing agreements must be accredited by the FCA.

You should always consider the terms and conditions of any agreement carefully before taking out car finance or leasing agreement, as you are making a substantial ongoing commitment and there may be significant costs if you change your mind or are unable to meet your commitments at a later date.

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