Cars of the ’80s – an infographic

Lamborghini Countach - cars of the 80s

Have a browse through any classic car magazine, or browse online car classified sites, and you’ll realise very quickly that the values of popular 1980s cars are on the rise – in some cases quite rapidly. 

For your Friday afternoon distraction from work, have a look at this infographic from Hagerty Insurance which charts the meteoric increase in some ’80s car values.  And it’s not just supercars like the Lamborghini Countach or Ferrari Testarossa; even the more everyday cars are seeing strong increases, like the humble Ford Capri.

As Generation X starts to approach the mid-life crisis years, many are yearning for one of their favourite cars from childhood. And just as values of Sixties and Seventies cars skyrocketed in past decades, now the same thing is happening for some of the most memorable cars from the decade of decadence.

Better get in quick if you are looking for some Eighties automotive goodness…

Cars of the 1980s

Cars of the 80s – An infographic from Hagerty Insurance

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