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Should I rotate my tyres?

Your car’s tyres are essential, and one way to help look after them is by rotating their position on your car. Here’s why it’s important.

The UK’s best online tyre retailers

Is it time to replace your car's tyres? The Car Expert has all the UK's best online tyre retailers listed right here.

Tyre markings explained

Buying tyres can seem like trying to understand a foreign language. Our helpful tyre guide explains all the key markings you need to know.

How to check the age of your tyres

They’re vital for your safety, comfort and well-being, but they can degrade as they get older. So here’s how to check the age of your tyres.

How to store tyres correctly

Do you swap your tyres between summer and winter? If you do – or are planning to – it’s worth knowing how to store tyres that are not in use.

Road legal – or safe? When to replace car tyres

In the UK car tyres must have at least 1.6mm of tread. But is it safe to wear your tyres down to the limit, or should you change them sooner?

Retread tyres – a cheaper, greener alternative?

Should we be taking more notice of retreaded tyres? Yes - they're cheaper and much more environmentally friendly than brand-new tyres.

Tread carefully – are used tyres a good idea?

As the cost of living crisis starts to bite, is it worth considering used tyres or retreaded tyres? The Car Expert investigates.