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The top 10 car warranty claims in the UK

Warranty companies have shared their ten most common car warranty claims with The Car Expert. Here's what really goes wrong most often.

The UK’s best used car warranty providers

You’ve bought a used car and now you want some protection from unexpected expenses, so we've rounded up the top used car warranty providers.

Warranty sales rise post-lockdown – but so do claims

Warranty sales and claims increased dramatically in March as drivers began returning to the roads, according to new industry data.

Seven ways to protect your new car investment

A car is a big investment, regardless of whether it's new or used. So what can you do to protect that investment and minimise your costs?

Understanding your warranty policy

There are important details you should look for or consider when buying a used car warranty policy. We explain the key points that matter.

New car warranty – Do I have to have my car serviced by a dealership?

We clear up the confusion about whether car owners must have their cars serviced by a franchised dealership to protect their new car warranty.

What’s the difference? Car warranty vs. car insurance

It’s can be unclear what the difference is between a car warranty and car insurance, but they are different forms of consumer protection.

Used car warranty – the law and your rights

If you are buying a second-hand car, there can be considerable confusion as to what to expect in terms of a used car warranty and what your rights are when something goes wrong.

Who makes the most reliable engines?

Figures released by a consumer warranty company show that some famous-name car brands make some of the least reliable engines on the market.

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