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The all-new Lexus ES: Transformed for the world

(press release) The all-new Lexus ES is the product of a re-imagined luxury equation. Engaging design, athletic performance and renowned refinement transform Lexus’s most popular saloon.

Toyota’s new Auris smokes the opposition in drifting debut victory

(press release) The all-new Toyota Auris is already staking its claim to being a rebel under the skin, transformed into a 1,000-horsepower track hero.

Progress Suzuki signs social media sponsorship deal with Stevenage FC

(press release) Stevenage FC is delighted to announce a new major sponsorship agreement with Progress Suzuki.

Toyota’s supercharged hot hatch takes to Silverstone circuit with eclectic group of much-loved cars

(press release) When Toyota Gazoo Racing engineers built the Yaris GRMN, they probably didn’t expect this sort of track outing...

The new Lexus RX L: Every millimetre counts

(press release) Sometimes it only takes a small change to make a big difference. That’s how Lexus has succeeded with the new Lexus RX L.

World debut of the all-new Toyota RAV4 at the New York International Auto Show

All-new model to be introduced in the UK and Europe during the first quarter of 2019 First RAV4 to be built on a...

Statement from Suzuki GB PLC

(press release) Suzuki are withdrawing their advertising campaign with Ant & Dec. No further material featuring the duo will be aired and Suzuki's endorsement deal with the pair has come to an end.

Strong field competes for Toyota Gazoo Racing trophy

(press release) More than 13 racing and rally drivers from five countries have created a strong field for the new Toyota Gazoo Racing Trophy.

Toyota welcomes new Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub

(press release) The hydrogen map of Britain continues to expand with the launch today of a new Hydrogen Hub in Oxfordshire, opening the way for fuel cell electric vehicles such as the Toyota Mirai to become key contributors a future cleaner, carbon-free society.

Toyota harnesses hydrogen power for manufacturing at Motomachi

(press release) Toyota’s Motomachi factory is leading the way in using hydrogen power for its operations, adding another 20 fuel cell forklifts to its fleet and installing an on-site hydrogen station to fuel them.

Lexus LC coupé a double finalist in the World Car Awards

(press release) The Lexus LC coupé is in contention for two of the 2018 World Car Awards.

Lexus Sport Yacht concept makes award-winning appearance and production is confirmed for a new, larger model

(press release) The ultra-sleek and powerful Lexus Sport Yacht concept was a star of the Japan International Boat Show at the weekend.

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