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Our all-new and unique Expert Rating system analyses new cars based on dozens of UK media reviews to give you the best possible car buying advice. Check it out now!

New car reviews


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Testimonial – Finding the perfect first car

The Car Expert helped a new driver to find his perfect first car, but it wasn't an easy task. Dodgy dealers, written-off cars offered for sale and misleading adverts - it was an adventure from start to finish.

Testimonial – I need to buy a car and I need HELP!

Changing personal circumstances meant that Tabitha needed to buy a car, so she contacted The Car Expert to help her find the perfect car at the best price.

Testimonial – I moved house and now I need a car!

Iju and his family had just moved house and needed a car. Deciding that he should get some specialist assistance, Iju called The Car Expert.

Testimonial – Rachel’s New Car

Rachel really needed a new car to replace her ageing Toyota Corolla. She had been looking around at a few different vehicles, but was not especially inspired and didn’t really have a lot of time to research the marketplace more thoroughly.

Testimonial – Kate’s new car

Kate, from SW London, was in the market for a new car. She had an idea of how much she could afford to spend, but very little idea about what sort of car she wanted other than "something small and a bit funky". So she turned to The Car Expert for help.

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