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Car finance news

Nissan subscription programme launches in UK

Nissan has become the latest car brand to launch a car subscription programme for new car customers, with a new offering called Nissan Subscription.

Complaints about car finance soaring

The number of complaints about car finance has soared over the last year, according to new data published by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Car finance debt continued growing in 2022

It was another record year for car finance debt in 2022, but the data also shows electric vehicles are changing how new cars are financed.

Semiconductor shortage causing headaches for new car customers

A worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips is causing major headaches for car manufacturers, but how does it affect customers? (sponsored)

New car finance rules will save you money – but not until 2021

The FCA has signed off new rules set to save customers an estimated £165 million a year – but you'll have to wait another six months.

Regulator offers further coronavirus car finance support

The Financial Conduct Authority has outlined further proposals to support car finance customers struggling as a result of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Payment freeze for car finance announced

The FCA has announced car finance lenders should offer customers a three-month payment freeze if they are struggling with their car finance bills as a result of coronavirus.

Car finance lender forced to pay customers £30 million in compensation

Car finance lender Moneybarn has also been fined almost £3 million by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) after failing to help vulnerable customers.