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All cars to get six-month MOT exemption

The government has announced that all cars, motorcycles and vans will get a six-month exemption from MOT testing in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Supermarkets cut fuel prices by up to 12p a litre

UK supermarkets have reduced fuel prices by 12p per litre for petrol and 8p per litre for diesel as demand slumps due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Coronavirus: Can I still hire a car?

Car rental companies have told us they are still allowing people to hire a car, although they have more stringent safety and hygiene measures in place.

Pollution from tyre wear “1,000 times worse” than exhaust emissions

Pollution from tyre wear can be up to 1,000 times worse than the emissions produced from a car’s exhaust, claims a UK research group.

Britain’s best-selling cars, February 2020

The Volkswagen Golf ruled the roost for new car sales in February, edging out the Ford Fiesta and the rest of a jumbled-up top ten.

Private new car sales down 7% as industry braces for coronavirus impact

Private new car sales were down more than 7% in February, in another disappointing month for the car industry. But are things about to get much worse?

New car CO2 levels worse than official tests claim

Analysis by Which? has revealed that the amount of CO2 produced by new cars is actually increasing, despite official lab tests showing the opposite.

Three in ten car buyers don’t know whether to go petrol, diesel or electric with next car

Almost a third of UK car drivers have no idea whether petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric is the right choice for them...

UK used car market holds steady in 2019

Some 7.9 million used cars changed hands during the year, almost exactly the same as the previous year

Britain’s best-selling cars – January 2020

Ford's best-selling models started the year strongly, while a few run-out models did very well too. Have a look at the best-selling cars of January 2020.

Private new car sales take a dive in January

Consumer new car purchases fell by just under 14% compared to the same month a year ago, according to data published this week.

Ban on new petrol and diesel cars brought forward to 2035

The ban on the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars in the UK will be brought forward to 2035 under new government plans to be announced today.

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