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Car industry news

2024 half-year report – who’s up and who’s down?

The UK car market is changing as we gradually move from fossil fuel cars to EVs. So as we pass through the halfway point of 2024, which car brands are flying high and which are struggling?

2024 half-year report – a disaster for private new car sales

This year has seen record lows in the number of private buyers choosing a new car. We explore what's going on in the new car market.

New car market struggles in June as consumer sales slide

New car registrations followed a familiar pattern in June 2024, with strong fleet sales but abysmal private sales once again.

Modest new car market growth driven by fleet demand in May

Increasing new car demand from fleet customers masked poor private sales totals in May, as the overall new car market grew by 2% last month.

Fleet sales up, private sales down in April

Increasing new car fleet sales where cancelled out by poor private owner sales totals in April, as the overall market grew by 1% year-on-year.

Another terrible month for consumer new car sales in March

It was another terrible month for private new car sales in March. Have car buyers finally fallen out of love with the twice-yearly new number plate madness?

Private new car sales slump continues in February

The schism in new car sales continued in February, with fleet and business registrations powering along while private sales fell again.

Worst private new car sales results for January since 2009

It was a very slow start to 2024 for private new car sales, recording the worst results in fifteen years according to data published today.