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Peugeot 508 (2011 to 2018)

The original Peugeot 508 was a stylish alternative to the Vauxhall Insignia and Ford Mondeo, but it couldn't match premium-brand rivals.

Honda Civic

Engine efficiency and agile handling make the 11th-generation Honda Civic a capable family car choice, but it's rivals are more affordable.

Audi RS 7

The Audi RS 7 is a lavish sports saloon that offers supercar pace, but it's overshadowed by its more practical RS 6 estate sibling.

Citroën C5 X

The Citroën C5 X is a liftback blending the practicality of an estate with the comfort of an SUV, but alternatives are better to drive.

Peugeot 508 PSE

Reviewers agree that the Peugeot 508 PSE is a handome plug-in hybrid with serious pace, though many find it hard to justify its high pricing.

Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 is Kia’s first dedicated electric car and a very good one – but it is more expensive than the closely related Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Kia Stinger (2018 to 2022)

The Kia Stinger was one of the fastest and most distinctive car in the Korean brand's range with only its badge keeping Audi and BMW buyers at bay.

Audi A5 Sportback

The Audi A5 Sportback offers sharp coupé visuals with liftback practicality, yet while competent on the road, it doesn't excite.