I’ve been caught speeding by a speed camera – what happens now?

You were over the limit and caught by a speed camera. What happens now?

Have you recently been caught out by a speed camera? This article provides an easy-to-understand guide on what to expect, what to do and when to do it.

It happens to most of us eventually. You’re driving along, minding your own business and not really aware of how fast you’re travelling. All of a sudden, there’s a flash in your rear-view mirror and you realise that you’ve been busted by a speed camera.

The UK is filled with speed cameras these days as a substitute for actual policing; from the traditional yellow Gatso devices to more advanced units, and now an ever-increasing number of average speed cameras that monitor your speed over a distance of several miles. They first started sppearing at major roadworks sites, but now they seem to be popping up all over the country.

What many drivers don’t realise is that there is a formal process that the police must follow when you are flashed by a speed camera. This process is both to maintain your rights and to minimise errors by the police in making a valid prosecution if you have been speeding.

In this article, we will cover:

Timing: When do you receive a speed camera fine?

One of your first concerns after triggering the dreaded speed camera flash is probably the cost of any fine. Don’t worry about that for now.

Firstly, the police have 14 days in which to serve the registered keeper of the vehicle with a ‘notice of intended prosecution’ (NIP), which sets out the details of the alleged offence.

Study the NIP closely and make sure you abide by any conditions and timescales given. If the police haven’t sent you a NIP within 14 days, you may have escaped prosecution. However…

If you are running a leased car, you are not the registered keeper. The penalty notice will be sent to the leasing company, who will then have to advise the police that you were in posession of the car. That means it could take a few weeks for the NIP to reach you.

Along with the NIP, you will receive a form called a Section 172 notice that asks for confirmation of who was driving the car. You need to complete this by declaring that you were the driver of the car at the time of the offence, or you dob in whoever was driving. You have 28 days to fill in the form and return it.

Assuming that you have confirmed that it was you who was speeding, you will probably receive a fixed penalty notice (FPN) unless you were driving well in excess of the speed limit. The FPN gives you a choice of pleading guilty or not guilty. If you plead guilty, you’ll to pay the fine. If you plead not guilty, your case will usually proceed to a court hearing.

If you’re going to court, you should seek legal advice. We’re not qualified to help you with that.

Cost: How much will your fine be?

The minimum penalty for a speed camera offence is £100 and three points on your licence. But that’s only the minimum.

Updated laws came into effect in April 2017 that have made things a lot more complicated over the last four years. Fines are now graded according to both the level of speeding and your weekly salary. These fines were bumped up again in 2021.

Speeding penalties are now classified into three bands:

  • Band A for minor excesses (for example, up to 40mph in a 30mph zone)
  • Band B for moderate excesses (for example, up to 50mph in a 30mph zone)
  • Band C for major excesses (for example, more than 50mph in a 30mph zone)

Instead of fixed penalties based on your speed, the system now also takes your earnings into account, using the following formula:

  • Band A: 50% of your weekly salary, plus 3 penalty points
  • Band B: 150% of your weekly salary, plus 4-6 penalty points or disqualification for up to 28 days
  • Band C: 150% of your weekly salary, plus 6 penalty points or disqualification for up to 56 days
Speed camera fine - what happens now?

There is also some flexibility (plus or minus 25%) in the fine, based on other circumstances. Speeding around a school or busy pedestrian area will probably get your fine bumped up, whereas a similar speed on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere may get you a bit of leniency.

Points: Speed camera offences and penalty points

In addition to the cash penalty, you will normally receive between three and six penalty points, depending on the offence (see above). Anything above six penalty points will almost certainly be heard in court, due to the severity of the offence.

Penalty points are valid on your licence for three years from the date of the offence, or if your case is heard in court, from the date of your conviction. However, you may only apply for the endorsement to be removed from your licence completely after four years.

Most insurers don’t penalise for three penalty points. However, if you receive further endorsements within three years, you’re likely to see a significant rise in your car insurance premium.

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Stuart is the Editorial Director of our suite of sites: The Car Expert, The Van Expert and The Truck Expert. Originally from Australia, Stuart has had a passion for cars and the automotive industry for over thirty years. He spent a decade in automotive retail, and now works tirelessly to help car buyers by providing independent and impartial advice.


  1. Hi

    I was driving near the junction where camera is located for red light. The speed limit in the area is 20mph I passed the junction in the night with 27mph and camera flashed at me (I think). But again as per my knowledge this camera is only for red light. Should I expect a fine?

  2. Hi there I know that I’ve got a penalty for speeding but the problem is that I’ve lost the paper notice now I don’t know what to do os there anything I can do to get it ?

  3. Hi there I was pulled over apparently doing around 100mph in 70mph duel carriagewayfor about 20-30 seconds as soon as I realised I did start to slow down, they checked my licence then just explained not to do it again and it’s not worth the dangers, I was issued no ticket there and then however can they still send anything discreetly through the post?

  4. Had a speeding fine for doing 35 mph in a 30 mph zone,i was following the speed tracking van before it pulled over to park,I was about 30 or so yards in front of me so by my reckoning it must of been speeding aswell.can I dispute this fine.

    • My partner got flashed but was not speeding. Can on the opposite was speeding and made the camera go off. Is it worth appealing?

  5. Hi i was caught doing 46 in a 40 zone on my motorbike, im sure i was between 2 cars.. how can i check the photo? there is no option to do so.. if there is 2 cars or bikes in the photo how can they tell who is speeding?

  6. Hello, here is a question for you. the statutory time for recieving the NIP is 14 days. What about if the vehicle is a lease vehicle? The reason i ask is because i have just recieved a NIP from 11 july which is 8 whole weeks from the date of incident to me recieving it. Now i was informed three days ago that my works had recieved it and i told them to send it back giving my information so if we dedudct a week (very generously) for the time it took to go through our office and deduct 14 days for the allowable time to be served. that leaves 16 days for the lease company to have responded is this likely and should i contest it?

  7. Hi,

    i am a newbie driver and i got caught doing 49 mph in a 30 limit by a policeman using a handheld gun. what would the likely conclusion be in this case?

  8. I have been caught speeding on the M5 Northbound doing 61 in what they said was a 50mph speed limit due to road works, I have travelled this part of the motorway many times and realise why the 50mph speed limit is there. But I looked out for the sign but it didnt seem to be there and there were no repeaters does anyone know when this was lifted. It was about 7 on the 21 August 2019

  9. I have a question please. I’ve been caught speeding 35 in a 20 zone. The time stamp shows this speed happened within 34 seconds. Is there any way I can contest this?

  10. Hi Stuart,

    I have recently been caught speeding by a temporary camera at the side of the road which looked like it was linked to a van.

    The ticket has come through and said I was doing 66mph in a 40mph limit.

    I was driving on a road I have used before and I totally missed the sign of new road works and speed downgraded from normal dual carriage 70m/h to 40m/h

    I have looked online and seen that going that speed it will be a case that goes to court and you can be giving a ban which would be a huge hassle if I was to be banned for several reasons.

    I have a clean licence and I have never been in trouble with the police.

    Is this a case I would be likely to win?

    • Hi Steve. Sounds unlikely. It’s up to you to observe speed limit signs, and saying that you didn’t see the sign is not considered an acceptable excuse.

    • The road signs must be clearly visible that would be in each lane. If you didn’t see them were they clearly visible or were you not deemed to be paying full attention

  11. Hi Stuart, I have been caught twice by the speed camera for 1 day on M23 with over speed 14 miles and received NIP for each.
    What will happen now? My driving license it’s clear so far with no points.

  12. Hi Stuart , I have been caught be officer radar at 60mph , the speed was 50mph.
    I have received I fine.
    This is my 1st time though, do I get the option for a course?

  13. I understood speed cameras had to be painted yellow so they can be seen. I was caught speeding by a traffic light camera which was painted grey. Is this valid?

  14. I’ve only had my licence since February and I’ve just got a letter saying I’ve been caught doing 45 in a 30 I thought that full road was 40 but only certain bits are what will happen now I hold my hands up even if it was 40 I was still over by 5 mph

  15. hi, Stuart

    I ve been caught by the speedcam with 6 miles over te limit, however , since is my first time , i have to fill up the paperwork as i was the driver …
    should i get to ASDA or Tesco and buy a random envelope and place the letter in the royal mail red posts things or what should i do please help , little time left

  16. Hi Stuart,

    I was caught speeding doing 80mph instead of 60mph on M1. I have been flashed twice. What will happen now?

  17. Hi i sold my car and person who bought the car had speed camera in manchester that night . I received fine and 3 points . What should i do ? I got proof that i sold it date in logbook .

  18. I drove up to the local supermarket and about 15 mins later drove back down again but didn’t realise that there was a mobile speed camera on one of the side roads. I didn’t see any van, I only found out when I looked up the mobile speed camera sites in my area so it may not even have been there when I went past. It was a 20 mph zone. I was definitely doing more than 20 both times but I don’t know exactly how fast I was going hopefully not more then 30. Can I get two fines and two lots of points for when I went up and down the road?

    Will I have the chance for the speed awareness course?

  19. I have been issued with a NIP for doing 44 in 30 zone. It was not around a school. This is my first offence. My driving licence is free from points.
    Reading in here suggests I will be treated as offence group B
    Have I got any chance to attend a speed awareness course?
    Or will I have to attend a court?

  20. Hello,

    I was double flashed doing 38-40 on a 30mph road.

    I was unintentionally driving faster than I should have been as I was driving with my friend and her 14 y/o autistic son in my car, He is quite high risk and was getting very uncomfortable.

    Is it worth appealing the fine?

    Thank you

    • hello stuart. I recently believe I got caught doing 65 in a 60. the ticket isn’t the problem seeing as I believe to be in the wrong and accept it, my question though is my address is different on my insurance than it is on my licence. what details will they send the ticket too?

    • Hi fraz. The NIP will be sent to the address on the car’s V5C logbook, addressed to the car’s keeper. It doesn’t involve your insurance company, although you will probably need to declare it to them.

  21. Hi what is the maximum fine you can receive if you submit the requested information on time for doing 42mph on a 30mph road. Just a quick background my license is clean but in 2011 it was revoked due to an insurance issue which was out of my hands. Will this be taken into consideration by the Ldon met. It is now 2018 so it ahould have disappeared

  22. I passed my driving 5 months before got letter today that I was over speeding 40mps in 30 zone. Will they give me chance for awareness course or straight points and fine

  23. I was driving a van with a friend and we were swapping the driving constantly, clocked doing 72 in a 70. We genuinely do not know who was driving at the time of the camera flash. Have asked for photos of incident and the cab is completely blacked out and poor quality photos. Still not sure, What should we do as it is a offence to falsely declare you were driving if you weren’t?

  24. I received an NIP for 36 in a 30.
    I have 3 points from just over 4 years ago.
    Would I be eligible for a speed awareness course, as I believe the points will be spent?

  25. My wife was caught speeding and has somehow lost the letter on the way to the post office with her driving licence and fine cheque. We have tried to find someone who is able to help, DVLA etc but evryone says it’s not their department and don’t seem to know who to contact. Can you offer any advise.
    Many thanks in advance

  26. I just got a notice to prosecute for speeding 68mph on 50mph (variable motorway restirction). However, upon looking at their evidence photos is say i was doing 64.2mph. Is this grounds for an appeal?

  27. I was driving hgv on M62 matrix sign showed 50mph so drop speed to 49 mph. As I approach next matrix sign showed 50mph a car in front of me set camera off. Just been sent notice of prosecution saying variable camera was set at 40mph. Where do I stand.

  28. Can anyone tell me how i can find out the details of my speeding offence last year? I chose to attend the Speed Awareness course rather than the fixed penalty and points. It has now been realised that the Camera in question (At Five Head near Taunton) was incorrectly labelled with a road name which didn’t exist. The police force are stopping fines and seeking legal advice on whether or not they will have to refund any fines. I am not sure if this will include those who elected to attend the speed awareness course though so i thought i would try to get as much information as i can. As far as i recall, all the correspondence for this were posted and i no longer have any of the paper work.

    Thanks for any help


  29. I Just passed my driving test today and I was driving on my own for the first time and I accidentally accelerated instead of braking and I saw a flash. I was in a 30 zone. will I be able to do anything to stop this going against my licence?

  30. I have tinted windows in the back and was driving at night and I think I was over the speed limit (my tints only allow 5% light through) … I didn’t see a flash but when I pulled up at the lights I asked the car next to me if I got flashed… he said yes. I’m not sure if it was true or not because I didn’t see the flash but would I still notice it regardless of my tinted windows?

  31. Yeah I understand that. Would I be able to plead for a little leniency with being a new driver? As my job relies on it and would have a serious effect on my family life. Perhaps taking 3 points and two fines. I suppose there’s no harm in trying is there.

  32. I have been caught doing 50mph in a 40 zone twice in two days on the same road. It was really early in the morning and I really thought it was a 50mph zone. My license is clean but I am now facing 6 point and the possibility of losing my license, since I have only just past my test 9 months ago. Is there anyway out of this or am I completely screwed. Please, any help would be appreciated.

  33. Hey! If someone was caught speeding, will it appear immediately on the penalty points online check system? Suppose someone has been caught but he didn’t realise it, and then he goes travel for weeks. During that time is that possible for him to check online instead of staying at home to wait for the letter for 14 days?

    • I haven’t had the pleasure of having to find out yet, but I imagine that no points can be applied until you have either accepted guilt and paid the fine, or taken it to court and lost.


  34. hi im Martin i got flashed by a Van on the A5 By Eddie STOBBARTS, ive got the PICTURES, ive Been done for 86 in a 60 but it Was the Length of the Car, the car cut me up Twice before This Turn Signal On for left and Turned Right but this happend Twice Before, i was on a MOTORBIKE on the was to the ride to the Wall to give a SPEACH to the Fallen and there Family’s i only over took the car for my own saftey and i was back at 60

  35. What happens if you have been banned for 6 months then sent a speeding ticket for doing 36 in a 30 zone I was banned in November last year but speeding ticket is from September

  36. Hi I think I got flashed this morning. I know the cameras there I do the route every morning , I wasn’t concentrating and think I realised at about 22/23 mph in a 20 zone .i quickly braked to slow done to 20.. Do you think I get a notice.. .?

  37. Hi I got flashed by a speed camera aswell coming off of an island. I was doing 45 in a 30 but it was 3am after work and I am leaving the country pernamently on 24th January. Already has 9 points and if you add this I shoud have 15 points which may mean losing my licence. As soon as I come back to my country I am going to apply for bringing my polish licence back, which means british licence will be sent back to DVLA. Is that ok with them? Dont want to make it worse but 300 quid is a lot of money and cant spend it on penalties. What are your thoughts?

  38. Hi I got flashed by a speed camera coming off of an A road i was doing 46 in a 30 but it was 4am in the morning and there were no street lights and so didn’t see any signs or camera…
    Can I challenge this or just suck it up?

  39. Flashed this morhing 03:30 going home from Gatwick no traffic on M25 doing 73/75, how long before theyre prosecuting for going over by 0.5 mph? All about safety…. my arse

  40. Hi Guys, I got flashed on the M3 doing 80, I’ve only just recently moved and hadn’t yet changed my address. After the flash I then changed my address to my new place. This will be my first offence, what should I expect?

  41. hello, my friend was driving with 160mph on the motorway the camera flashed and he is asking what will happen now is it going to be only points and fine or there will be disqualification as well. thanks

  42. The registered keeper has passed. I read that after 14 days after the offence they couldn’t prosecute? It’s been over 2 months. Thanks.

  43. Hi just had a letter through saying I was doing 86 in a 70. The car isn’t registered to me nor am I the owner but I’m insured on it. The offence was dated 6th June can they still prosecute after 2 months? Thanks

  44. Hello, I got speeding fine through saying I was doing 38mph in a 30 but I was confident I wasn’t, I have a company car fitted with a tracker and checked the records which they have confirmed I was doing 16mph. will I be able to defend this using this information in court

    • Hi Gary. I’m not sure whether it would count or not. You’d need to speak to a specialist motoring lawyer who’d have experience with this sort of situation.

  45. Hi.
    I was travelling on a 70mph dual carriageway and one of them vans at the side of the road clocked me.
    I was in my works van and they’ve received the notice and passed my info on to the police.

    My question is, what do I expect now?

    According to my employer the speed recorded was near 90mph although they’ve given no proof or definitive answer to my questions.
    I have also just became aware today that the limit for a good vehicle was 60mph not 70 so I was 30mph over the limit.

    From above that puts me at band C is this right?

    I have never sped before and have held a clean license since passing my test in 2011.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Your employer will have to provide your details to the relevant police force, who will then issue you with an NIP (notice of intended prosecution). This should explain what you can expect.

  46. Hi, I was travelling late at night unaware of what speed I was doing near 100 but defintakey under when I thought I saw a small flash? There were no obvious cameras I have driven that route for years and did not know there to be a camera, it was not obvious or marked at all. what should I do? Is it likely I will get a fine? Would it be a court hearing? I currently have a clean license.

  47. i have been caught by a mobile speed unit doing 72 in a 60 zone. I was driving a courtesy car and the offence was 16th May and I have only just received NIP today (30th July) They have asked me to confirm I was the driver etc. Is it still likely I will get points rather than going to court. will I be offered a speed awareness course at this speed?

  48. I was on the a361 in Barnstaple in-between roundabouts its a 50mph sign then there is a 30mph sign but due to foliage growth you can not see the 30mph sign u till your just about on top on it, then there is a black bottle shaped speed camera half way up the lamp post about 15 metres pat the 30 sign . As soon as I saw the sign I applied the brakes but I am sure the camera is set up to trigger from the point of the sign, it looks like a new digital camera but black on a normal lamppost, but I though they had to be yellow?, do I have a defence with the late viability of the sign?

  49. hi, i got caught 46 in a 40 on a temporary speed restriction on a motorway which was on the 13/04/2017, however i didnt received the notice issue date till the 30/05/2017.
    I’ve seen that the issue has to be within 14 days? is this true but what action do i do next?

  50. Hi,
    I’ve had NIP from getting caught on the 23rd march 2017 and the NIP is dated 25th may 2017 I drive a company car the lease company had notification 28 days after .can anyone help ?

  51. I just got caught doing 110 on a 70 .. i know its stupid . Byt it just happen .. do you know what should i expect ??

  52. I have received a letter stating I was doing 44mph in a 30 zone on the 31/01/2017 in 12 years of driving this is my first offense, would I be offered a speed awareness course?

    • That depends on the severity of the speeding you were caught doing within the limit area. the website here will give you a little guideline on if you will be offered an awareness course or not within it’s boundary guideline. https://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q584.htm. I hope that helps you a little, although driving at 44 in a 30 zone is a dangerous speed to be driving at, so a little down to their discretion really I suppose.

  53. Scenario: I am driving on the A14, 68mph, lane 1. Speed van up ahead and a delivery van coming up in lane 2 VERY fast, gets beside and just ahead of me and slams on brakes pulling abruptly behind me. Have dash cam footage showing this action but unfortunately my dash cam date is wrong but PMQ’s can easily be heard on soundtrack to give time (For some reason it has defaulted) I have heard that this often results in the driver of the lane 1 vehicle receiving the NIP, can you confirm this as I just cannot have a single point on my license if I want to keep my job (On Sect 19 register)

  54. Hi I’m looking for some information…. This morning I was traveling on the motorway when the over head signs indicated a speed limit of 40mph. This was displayed on two sets of overhead signs as I approached roadworks (traffic was really busy) After I had passed the roadworks the overhead signs didn’t have any speed limit displayed (was blank, turned off?) as cars were speeding by me I increased my speed to 65. Further down the road two overhead signs indicated (national speed limit) but before this I had already passed a speed camera ( no flash was seen) . My question is, due to the overhead signs not displaying any alternative speed limit after the 2 before the road works, will be get charged with a speeding offence? As a speed limit wasn’t displayed on any the signs. I’m panicking need advice

  55. Hi, I may have been caught in a hire car about 18 months ago. Sounds like a long time, but I’ve since moved abroad for 2 years with HM Forces. I’m moving back to UKshortly and want to know if I can expect a nasty surprise. Is there a way of knowing if a NIP was served or if there is an outstanding summons? Grateful for advice.

  56. I was speeding down the motorway at 130mph because I needed the loo really bad, got flashed in a variiable speed zone, and the worst thing about it was that I still shat myself before I reached a toilet and was wearing only gym shorts – the seats are ruined.

  57. Hi, i am a silly idiot as i am a cab driver and probably passed this speed camera thousands of times, now was driving along and realised i am rushing with a speed of 55 than slammed on brakes with only 1 car near me, i reckon i was about nearly or on 55 when i hit the first margin, than slammed to the brakes possibly my speed gone down to somewhat nearly 30 or 25 im not sure, it was morning so im not sure if camera went or not, what would be the worst scenerio for me, this thought a good lesson to me.

    • Just forgot to mention the Speed limit which is 30 on there. And high possibility other car will be placed in the picture if there is one

  58. i got caught doing 35 in a 30 but I’m sure I was only doing 30 as me and my wife seen the camra van and both said thay have nothing better to do on a sunday and should be out at night time .I now have to go on a speed awareness cause .we both no I was not doing 35 as thay say I believe in the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and now I wont be doing anymore charity events for durham police no more

  59. I got caught at 3am doing 104.9mph on a speed gun on and empty dry motorway, they chased me and pulled me over. It’s been a month and a half. The suspense is killing me!!!

  60. Hi on Friday 13th 5am had a call to get to hospital asap. Sadly my brother in law passed away two hours later. Got flashed at 5:35am . Now I’ve received a letter. Where do I stand??

  61. I got caught speeding on May 29th 2016 & I have just had the fine come through 8 mouths later is this legal thought is was within 14 days

  62. I received a NIP on 6th Sep 2016 from Avon and Somerset SEU for doing 53 mph in a 40 mph variable speed limit area on the M5. I was unsure that I was on the M5 at that time because the M5 had been closed. I asked for the photo evidence to be sent to me as I firstly wanted to make sure it was my car and also to determine who was driving. They sent back a letter stating that as I am disputing the offence they cannot provide photos of the offending vehicle. Why ??
    They are asking me to send photos of my car that cover the front rear and sides of the vehicle ensuring that number plates are clearly visible. So they wont send me the evidence they have but expect me to send photos to them, is this right or is this some sort of scam ??

    • Sounds very odd to me. I would suggest you should get some legal assistance on this if you are planning to dispute it. You can start with legalbeagles.info for some general legal advice, but you may need to engage a solicitor to assist (there are plenty of them specialising in driving offences).

  63. Hi I’m a hgv driver and I was told by work that they have received a NIP, I was caught speeding 36 in a 30 zone. I was shown a email with a copy of the notice all filled in with my correct details & was asked if they were right.
    I was told that I would receive the NIP in the post.
    I haven’t had anything yet & it has been at least 3 months. Do you think I have I got away with it?
    Regards Ian

  64. Hi – got a ticket thro in the post, is it possible to tell if its a mobile camera ( i.e face on ) or a static one !!?

  65. Got flashed by a mobile speed van last night, 30 limit and my speedo showed 31! Does the fact that the van flashed mean that I will definitely be getting a ticket?

  66. Hey! I’m only 16 & have only been driving for about 10months, I got my first speed camera flash on Saturday about 11pm in Scottsdale, this is my very first offense with anything ever. A lot of my friends have said nothing came in the mail or nothing happened but I’m very worried. I was doing almost 60 in a 45 & I went to press the brake right as I was flashed, I never speed but it was one of those speed limit signs that say 50 & then decrease so I was about to slow down but didn’t make the cut. Anyways, I’m really scared because it was not my car, I was driving my dads truck, he did know. What will happen? Will it come? How much will I have to pay? When should it come?

    • Hi McKenzie. If you go back and read the article, it will say that the notice should arrive within 14 days. It will be addressed to the owner of the vehicle, who will have to send off a declaration to say that it was actually you who was driving.

  67. Dear Mr Stuart. I was today in the evening on M25 motorway before to get out from it with 5 miles and to come on A405 (N) to arrive in London. Because of my eye fatigue after so many hours driving, was a CCTV which I didn’t see any flash from HADECS2, because I was traveling with a Ford Focus 2016 model between 78 to 79MPH (I’ve seen the speedometter showing this). I will get any speed fine? I have driving licence since 1997 without any accidents or speed fines. Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • No idea if you will get a fine. If it arrives in the mail, you got a fine. If your eyes were so fatigued that you couldn’t see a camera flash, you probably shouldn’t have been driving…

  68. Hello Stuart,

    I have a provisional UK license and have my driving test on 26th Sept and have brought a used car, it wasn’t insured (at the time of speeding offence) and my friend (who has been driving for 40 years or so in the UK and has no driving offence for many years) took the car for a test drive, during the test drive she has been caught for speeding at 41 mph at a 30 mph zone. I have received the NIP today (I am amazed how did they get my details as i still do not have papers from the authorities saying it is registered in my name, although have sent V5C form to the relevant authorities to change it to my name 4 days back). I have spoken to my friend and she agreed to give her details, and i am sending NIP back to the authorities with her details in section C.

    My questions is:
    1) Am I in any kind of trouble since the vehicle was uninsured?
    2) I think my friend had told that she has insurance cover to drive other vehicles under her own insurance….. or is this not going to be the case as the car itself does not have any insuarnce?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Harry. I don’t know the legal status of that, but you are obliged to have the car insured at all times, even if it is not taxed and kept off-road (SORN). Your friend may well be in trouble since she was driving the car uninsured, but I don’t know how you will be affected.

  69. Hi, just to check, do parked speed camera vans operate without an a police officer inside them? I was driving this morning around 8am on a dual carriage way on the other side the road. I was going 55 at a 50mph road? What are the chances of me getting a speeding fine. I will be really grateful for your advice. Many thanks.

    • Hi Jay. As far as I know, speed camera vans are operated by civil servants rather than police officers. If your speedo indicated 55mph, it is possible you were actually doing less than that, as most speedos have an error built in. For more information, have a read of our article about speedometer accuracy.

  70. I got flashed last Thursday evening on the M62 on the variable section. As I approached the camera the speed limit changed from 60 to 70. I accelerated and as I went under the camera, the flash went off. This also happened to the car immediately in front of me. I looked at my speedo and it was registering a speed of about 72mph. Is there a delay between the cameras going off and a change in the speed limit, or have a really just been flashed for doing a couple of mph above the speed limit?

  71. HI, on the a34 during the 50 zone I was doing 58 and police were on bridge with speed trap pointing my way, I believe over 57 is the protection limit (10% +2) . Should I expect a letter through the door at 58 from a van based camera? If I do can I argue it and claim 55/56 on my speedo which is below the protection threshold? Thanks

    • If your speedometer said 58, there is a very good chance you were actually doing less than that anyway.

      But I wouldn’t have thought a line of defence which says “my speedo showed I was only 10% over the limit” would impress a judge, as you are basically admitting to knowingly breaking the law.

  72. Hello I got caught by the speed camera and I am new driver
    County ID
    Gossmore Fraddon
    Grid Ref
    Camera Ref
    Speed Limit
    Speed Recorded
    Date of Offence
    Confirmed on May 8 2016

  73. hi…got flashed tonight on m4 by the m32 junction. The gantry signs were flashing 60 so I set cruise at 60. Sneaky sods had changed one of them to 40!!! Lol..I didn’t see it ..so …my question is what am I likely to get fined and what points am I likely to get of 60 in a 40?? Cheers.

  74. Hi,

    I have a provisional licence saw the camera flash I was doing around 40mph in a 30mph zone. As I do not yet have a full licence what will this mean for me in regards to fines / court / courses / insurance do u know ? I’m really worried.

    There has never been a camera there before and there are camera signs (they have always been there) but no road markings – will this make any difference?



  75. Does anyone know if when caught speeding the police check your car insurance details? I was caught by a camera last week and it turns out my insurance hadn’t automatically renewed as I had changed my credit card and payment was refused and I missed the email advising me of that as it went into my spam folder. Now I am worried that I will be done for speeding AND driving without insurance?

  76. I was caught speeding on the motor way and I received the letter of prosecution from the police the thing is I just submitted my application for my British passport I really dont know if this is a minus for me or if I still have chances of getting my passport.

  77. I am due to go on a speed awareness course in 3 days but I think I was caught doing 35 in a 30 zone last weekend. What happens now? Do I get an automatic 3 points and a £60 fine?

  78. Since all of you out there are not responding to any of the comments made on this speeding thread, whether it is constructive or not, there does not seem to be any response to any of the activity on here, so that is me finished. If I’ve helped anybody that’s good, but I would’nt know because replies are not forthcoming. Over and out. “Goodbye”, nice to have met you. ( Happy motoring).
    I am unsubscribing.

  79. Michael,
    It appears you do not visit this site often, otherwise you would have answered my unbiased, instructions,
    It would be nice to get some replies, from some of the people that come on here seeking advice, and when such advice is given, no further questions are asked, or information on the advice given.
    So given this, it would be nice to hear from some of you people out there what the outcome of any of the actions taken, whether the advice was followed or not.
    It gives us invaluable information as to how the system is working and whatever loopholes are being closed.
    Don’t forget the system is there and it also has to follow certain guidelines, so from any information we get back helps us to see if they are bending rules just for the sake of revenue collecting.
    So all you people out there a feedback is essential to our assistance to you.

    Regards Monty.

    • I am new to this page but hear goes I was fined for speeding last Sept 1919 I was fined £100 3 points by West Yorkshire police I paid the fine on line missed you need to post in your driving license. On the 17 Feb 2020 the £100 was put back in my bank I assumed my letter of mitigation had worked a week later I got a court summons.

      This now March 2020 I plead guilty said I had paid the fine once but they have fined me again £100 and with court costs it is. now £ 263 can they do this after nearly 6 month. I have had to make the payments over 10 month and I am writing to West Yorkshire Police raise a formal complaint.

      l am a pensioner and cannot afford both the cost and the anxiety on top of being on the medical register so I have not been out for the last 8 weeks.

    • Hi James. If you want to challenge the fine, I would suggest getting some legal assistance as a lawyer is far more likely to understand all the ins and outs of the law to help reduce or waive your fine.

  80. Michael, There is one thing I forgot in this matter, I note that you said you were never there, so it may be that your number plate may have been cloned. Now this is important at this stage. You will be handed by the prosecutor, or should be, the advanced disclosure, these are the documents that they will be using to prosecute you with, you will have a short time to study this. In this disclosure should be a picture of the said vehicle that committed the offence, if it is not your vehicle point this out to the prosecutor. they may well drop it altogether.

  81. Hi Michael,

    It is important now, how you approach this.
    We have to assume that you received the notice from the DVLA, stating that you were convicted at a magistrates court, for speeding, and Failing to Furnish, hence the size of the fine and the six points. This will be under code MS90.
    Does this state that on your paperwork. If so What court was it that issued the fine and points.

    If you do not know which court, call the DVLA and they should be able to tell you.
    When you have found this out, I would suggest that you visit a local Solicitor and explain to him that you were unaware of this conviction and only found out via the DVLA. and on what date you found out.
    You then ask him to issue to the court in question a Statutory Declaration. This will in effect revert the conviction back to the start, and void all points and fine. They normally charge about a tenner for this. You will then be contacted by the court and issued an appearance date. You then go to the court on the said date early, and ask the usher, ( these are the people rushing around trying to organise things ), they will be wearing black gowns, you can’t miss them. Ask them to point you out the prosecutor of you case. Approach the prosecutor and ask what the charges are. If the charge is failing to furnish, then ask what the underlying charge is. If it is speeding then you can ask him/her if they drop the s172 charge you will plead guilty to the speeding charge . they will normally accept this, so the charge reverts back to the beginning, you then have a choice of accepting 3 penalty points and £100 fine and incur no costs. If the prosecutor does accept this offer from you it will give you a chance to have a chat with him/her and if you say you were never in that area, you may have difficulty in proving that so by you accepting the smaller charge will be to your benefit. It is although I’m afraid too late for you to be offered a speed awareness course. Magistrates courts cannot offer these.

    Let me know how you get on, there is no need for you to be represented by a solicitor they only add to the costs, you can do this on your own.


  82. hi, i have just recieved a letter this morning and it says that i have been judged already without me being informed. the offence took place in 24/06/2015 and they have only just got in touch with me via dvla. so i rang the court up and gave them my details and they told me that i was initialy informed in 2015 that i was speeding in worcestershire, but i have never been there. i live in wolverhampton and the only place i travel to is shrewsbury. and another thing is that i doo not speed and have never had points on my 30 year licence. i have checked with the dvla website and it tells me that i now have 6 points on my licence and a fine of £660.00 for the offence. i think this is wrong and would like some help as now i dont know what to do or how i challenge this. so can someone give me advice plz many thanks, mike.

  83. was caught speeding for the first time, I was doing 37 in a 30 zone. I have had my license for over 3 months now. Will i be offered the speed awareness Course? please reply

    • Hi Karam,
      To Start, You say you were caught!, Q: How do you know you were caught?.
      Were you stopped by the police or caught on a camera?.
      If you were stopped by the police were you given a verbal warning / caution: ie: a verbal NIP by the officer. & did you sign anything?.
      If you were allegedly caught by a speed camera, have you had the NIP yet?.
      If so, then what date & time was it and what was the alleged speed?.
      Cannot offer any assistance if we do not know the details.
      How old are you?. How long is it since you passed your test, assuming you have passed your test.
      If you have only held your full licence for less that 2 years and have been caught speeding, you can expect to have it revoked, by the court, so a court appearance is inevitable. Should you have your licence revoked you will have to retake your test again after the period of revocation, this will also come with a fine and some points at the discretion of the Magistrate, & DVLA.
      Give us a little more information so that we may be able to sum up the situation you are in and possibly a way out of it. May not be able to save points and fine but may & I mean just may be able to save your licence from being revoked.

      I will do some research and do my best to find a solution. MONTY.

    • Hi Karam,
      Any news on the alleged speeding yet.
      I’ve checked and if you are summonsed to appear in court then it will mean that your licence revocation will be at the discretion of the court. A lot will depend on what speed you are actually charged for and what speed limit it was in.
      They may take into consideration, any mitigating circumstances, that means any reason why you should have been speeding, ie: any emergency, fear, anything that may have caused you to speed. And when I say that I don’t mean you were late for dinner, or your tea would have been cold, Or I only get half hour break.
      Financial circumstances may also come into play, ie: you had just started a new job and that driving is part of that job, this may just sway them from revoking your licence.
      But let us know what comes through.

    • Hi Szabi,
      43, is just on the limit of an awareness course, but that may be at their discretion, assuming you have note attended a course in the last three years. The other option will be a CoFP ( conditional offer of a fixed penalty ), which is £100 fine + 3 penalty points.
      Depending on the area you are in an awareness course is approx £85 to £100, + 0 points.
      This is normally 4 hours of chin wagging at a centre near you. Normally held on Saturday mornings.


  84. Do you know what the range is on a mobile speed camera, the van?

    I am sure that I braked in time as the min I realised I was doing 38 in a 30 zone I braked and lowered my speed then I looked up and saw the camera van. There was no flash but I don’t know if they even flash in the vans?

    Any ideas on this? It was only four days ago the waiting is torture!

    • It is normally approx 183 Metres. But they may have pinged you earlier, With these mobile camera’s, they take only 1/3rd of a second to record your speed. They are normally LTI 20-20 camera’s and can record speeds up 1 kilometre away. so assume you have been pinged, but if you say you were only doing 38 mph by your speedo then you may well have been doing less, IE: 34 – 35. Now 35 is what they normally start from so the chances are you may not have broken the speed limit and will hear nothing, If you were unfortunate to be doing 35-36mph then you will receive an NIP, within 14 days of the alleged offence. Assuming you are the registered keeper of the vehicle the NIP will be sent to you and must arrive at your address within the 14 days, if it should arrive after the 14 days, check the date of issue on the form and also the date stamp on the envelope. If these dates are within the 14 days then they will be valid, if they are dated n the 13th day after the alleged offence, then there is a chance you could argue that they could not possibly reach you within the 14 days, and you would have a defence of them being time barred. You would then fill in the form declaring that you were the drive but also send with it a letter explaining that you received the NIP after 14 days and that you believe it to be time barred stating dates and times, and why you think it is timed barred. Then wait to see what arrives after.
      The worst scenario is that if they are valid you will have to fill in the form declaring that you were the driver of the alleged offence, return then to the ticket office and they will then send you a conditional offer of a fixed penalty ( CoFP ), or the optional offer of a speed awareness course, which would cost you approx £85 to £100, & no penalty points, depending on what area it is, The CoFP would be £100, + 3 penalty points.. Remember which ever way you go with this fill in the s172 part, because failing to do this will leave you open to a more serious charge of failing to furnish, and that is a court appearance, and a lot more expensive + 6 points.
      Let me know which you are going to take, I may be able to help or guide you.

  85. Hi I have recently moved and also changed my name by deed poll. i filled in my owners document but haven’t changed my driving licence as I need my legal documents to change my passport first. i am pretty sure i was clocked doing 36 in a 30mph by a speed van – how will i know if i get a fine as my previous address occupants do not know my new address? thanks for your help

    • If you changed the V5C (logbook, or owner’s document), then any speeding fine should go to your new address. The fine is sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle, so if it was your car and you were driving, you won’t need to worry about the licence bit (as far as I know; I’m sure monty will be along sometime soon to correct me if I’m wrong).

    • Ist Thank you Stuart for having confidence in me.

      Hi Sheila,
      First of all when did you move and change the address on your v5 documents, as it normally takes about a month for the DVLA to update them. If you have received them back with your new address on then we can assume that they have been changed and updated.
      Now at the moment do not worry about your licence, lets deal with the speeding.
      You say you are pretty sure you were clocked for speeding by a mobile speed camera and you mention the figure of 36mph . Now is that the speed you saw on your speedo, or is it an assumption. We have to be clear on this, because if it was the speed of your speedo we are going by then you may not have been speeding and the camera never pinged you. if you are only guessing then you will have to wait and see what arrives in the post.
      Now when you left your last address did you leave a forwarding address, or a royal mail forwarding application. Because you may not receive anything direct. Any NIP document may go to the old address first, and whoever has moved into your last address will more than likely send it back with a not at his address note, or may just throw it in the bin.
      If this be the case they will then re approach the DVLA, or check on MIB, thats an insurance bureau which keeps records of insurance connected to the DVLA. this way they will eventually trace it to you.
      So the date you thought you were clocked on may be important. I say this because with the 14 day rule being covered any forms now sent will be valid and have to be answered. But if they cannot trace you or your vehicle within six months from the alleged date then they cannot put the necessary paperwork or charge , before a court, so there would be no offence.
      Now lets assume they trace you and your vehicle it will have to be approx within 4 months to give them time to act and send you an NIP, which you will receive probably about 2 or 3 days after they have traced you. You then do not have to panic, because you will have 28 days from receipt of the NIP to answer it. Which in theory would be another month, so you now understand why the date of the alleged offence is important.
      If and when should you receive an NIP you will have to complete the s172 section naming the driver of the alleged offence. You can put yourself in this section and send it off with an accompanying letter, stating that you have named yourself in order for you to avoid a penalty of failing to furnish, or name the driver, because of the alleged offence being such a long time ago you cannot honestly remember who was driving at that time, and can they provide any photographs 2 if possible of the incident in order to assist you in identifying if you were the driver of the alleged offence. this will also eat up time which in the end may be to your advantage, because as of yet you have not been charged.
      As I have said earlier we may not have to bother going down this avenue yet, but if we do then keep in touch, so we can organise it correctly.

      Let me know how things progress. This time i will allow Stuart to give you my personal Email addy, if you need to contact me direct as this site is sometimes a little slow.

      All the best Monty

  86. Hi, I was caught doing 81 on a 70 dual carriage way late at night. The offence was on 02.12.15 but have only been contacted today, 07.02.16. Am I too much over the speed limit to be offered a speed awareness course? My other query is that a camera never flashed at any point on my journey. The passenger saw nothing either. Any thoughts on this? Regards.

  87. Hi I’ve been driving for 4 years and never had a offence until I got caught by a speed camera doing 40 in a 30 however in my jurisdiction I did not see a single speed limit sign for about 300 yards after I got caught and neither before I spotted one eventually but the markings were very fient on the motorway… this was when I was entering the tunnel I also want to point out that i was in the right hand lane known which is mainly used for overtaking, I’m most likely going to get a speed awareness course for this but I really feel I should inform the council because the warnings are less than inadequate when travelling into London through this route. Is this approach advisable?

  88. Today I drove past a police motorbike at side of m11 with a speed camera hand held one at 90-97mph Then a police car come up fast with sirens on. Kept a fair distance but I was visible enough to them but this point I was doing the limit 70. He then turned his sirens off and went off road to a works unit lay by. What could this mean? And what can I now expect?

  89. Hi,

    This morning I got caught doing under the speed limit (40 odd) in a 50 zone. I have been driving past this camera for years including this week without any problems. I didn’t see any new speed limit signs today when approaching it. Additionally the camera was flashing everyone else that went through it – have I got anything to worry about?


  90. Hi,

    I believe I was flashed for speeding in a 30mph limit. I was doing approx. 37mph on a motorbike at the time due to sudden gail-force winds. My natural reaction was to speed up momentarily to maintain balance on a clear road. I'm open to accept a fine as I was fully aware, but I am worried as it's my first offence and I'm on a provisional licence. Is it worth visiting a local police station for advice and hopeful speed awareness course? Would this cover windy conditions?


  91. I drove past a camera van 14 days ago today and haven't received anything in the post yet. If I receive a fine after today is it not valid?

  92. hi stuart…i was driving along and found myself behind 14 guys from a bike club on push bikes!! I was behind them for a good 300 meters till it was safe to pass(on a straight bit of road with out traffic coming the other way) So i started to over take giving the bikers alot of room and my speed was like 25 miles an hour, as i got half way A car was coming the other way round a very very silte bend now i was left with no choice but to get my speed up quick to keep everyone safe and to get back in my lane and around the bikers. my speed hit 35 miles a hour in a 30 zone and i was flashed…i even spoke the bikers after and they said they back me up in court as i did nothing wrong

    • Hi Neil. It may be that you don’t even get a ticket, as if your speedo said 35 then you were probably doing 32-33 – have a read of this article about speedometer accuracy.

      If you do get a fine, it would be difficult to appeal. The argument against you would be that you couldn’t safely overtake in the space available, so you shouldn’t have attempted it and instead waited until a better opportunity presented itself.

  93. If it says 20mph then that is what it is. Have you received an NIP yet and if yes what date was the alleged offence recorded and what speed?.
    If you have received one fill out the form part notifying them of who was driving at the alleged time & date. You have 28 days to do this so there is no rush yet. If and when you receive one keep a copy and fill it in. If you do not fill it in and send it you will be charged with failure to furnish, which is code MS90.
    This is a charge more serious than the speeding charge and can incur a fine of £750, + court costs & victim surcharge + 6 points on your licence. Total costs of approx £1,400.
    Because it was after April 2015 there is now a fixed court cost of £560.
    Please make sure that when you send in the S172 form you name the correct driver at the alleged time of the alleged offence and keep a record of it plus get proof of posting just in case it should get lost in the post. it will give you a defence if it does get lost. If it was you the owner/ keeper of the vehicle that was driving, then fill in that part and send it off and keep records.
    You will then receive a further form at a later date of the alleged offence and an offer of a fixed penalty if pleading guilty to 3 points + £ 100 fine. If you should decide to challenge this it will be forwarded to the CPS for prosecution and an appearance in court. The ticket office/ police have up to six months to put this before a magistrate so could take some time, but the outcome will be far more expensive should you be found guilty at court.
    However if the return offers you a speed awareness course take it. This will cost you approx £85 or £100, but no penalty points. They are normally fixed for a Saturday morning and take about 4 hours, this is the cheapest option.
    So your options are as follows:-
    1. S a C, £100 + no points Guilty plea on form
    2. Fine £100, + 3 points Guilty plea on form
    3. Plead not guilty appear in court, ( If found guilty costs will be ):-
    Fine :- Up to £ 1,000.
    Court Costs:- £ 560.
    Penalty points 6
    Victim surcharge 10% £ 150
    Total Costs:- £ 1,710, + 6points.
    Your call the choice is your's.

  94. I was driving 30pm and the speed limit poster was 20mp however there was another speed limit close to it of 30pm I haven't seen the 20mp speed limit and the camera captured me do I get penalty in my driving licence or just penalty ???????

  95. Do you get offered speed awareness course on probation driving I think I was a little over 40 in a 40 zone didn't see van till last min

  96. I was recently caught doing 38mph in a 30mph zone as I approached a 40mph zone by a mobile camera unit (i.e. van parked by roadside – similar to that pictured in article). I'd like to appeal on the grounds that I could see the 40mph zone ahead and simply was accelerating to meet the 40mph zone. Any advice on whether it's worth an appeal.

    • Hi Sergio. It's not worth it. You can only start to accelerate once you reach the 40mph zone, not in anticipation of it. Up until you reach the sign, the speed limit is still 30mph.

      You seem to have fallen into their trap, as they were clearly there looking for people to do exactly what you have done. It's pretty poor behaviour on their behalf and I can understand your annoyance (we've all done exactly the same thing, many times), but ultimately you were still doing 38mph in a 30mph zone.

    • We are currently reorganising the layout and site structure, so things have been a bit messed up at times, but all the information should still be present and correct.

  97. iv'e been issued with a speeding ticket for a place 81 miles from were i live the reg no and make of car are right but at the time and place i was no where near there im 76 and have a very sick wife so had no reason for being in that place can anyone help or advice me

    • Hi Richard. It may be that the offending car's number plate has been misread and the fine sent to you. Or it could be that your registration plate has been cloned. Within the paperwork accompanying the fine, there should be information about how to dispute the fine (probably by making a statutory declaration).

    • Richard,
      If you think your number plate has been cloned then take some pictures of your vehicle front and rear plus any distinguishing marks and send them to the ticket office with your completed NIP. and a letter stating what you have said on here. Then wait for their reply.
      They will match your pictures to the picture or video recording they have and if it is different then you have nothing to worry about.

  98. Hi quick question? A group of us went out for the evening with a designated driver. He wasnt the owner of the car but se was init. He went through a rear facing camera- a few days later the speeding ticket came. He then told her he wasnt insured to drive & has / never had a licence eventhough she had asked him and asked him about his previous employment ( driving vans for a local company). She doesnt no if she should name him as the driver now or not!!!

    • Hi Stacey. If the owner of the car wasn't driving, she is obliged to declare it to the police and notify them who was driving. Taking a speeding fine for someone else can get you in a lot of trouble (as politicians found out last year when Chris Huhne asked his wife Vicky Pryce to take a penalty so he wouldn't lose his licence). However, it will obviously put her friend into deep trouble for driving without a licence…

      On the positive side, it could have been worse. If you had been involved in an accident on that night, there would have been no insurance cover for any injuries or damage that resulted.

    • Hi Stacey,
      You have 28 days from the receipt of your NIP to name the driver of the vehicle in question. If you fail to do this, the owner will be issued with a summons Known as an MS90. this is failure to furnish. They are merely trying to identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence. If the keeper of the vehicle does not do this they will be charged and if found guilty will receive a penalty of 6 points + a fine of £760. + court costs £600. & a victim sircharge which is 20% of the fine. so they are looking at a possible financial loss of £1400. + 6 penalty points or possible ban for six months.

  99. HI got caught doing 50 in a 30 zone 15weeks ago by a camera van, received the letter with in 3 days, about a court summons, but haven't re anything since

  100. Hello, I got flashed today in a 40 zone whole I was doing about 41. However as its my daily route I have seen the same camera flash for speeding cars on the other side of the road, and I am pretty sure it was a fast bike on the other side when I got flashed doing 41. Do you know what happens when there are two motors in the zone and one is speeding? Or when a motor on the other side of the road gets flashed? To be clear, there are no marks on the other side of the road. This camera is for this side but it flashes nevertheless.

  101. I don't know if your still responding but it will be greatly appreciated if you did. I was doing 55 in a 40 on the motorways variable speed limit. I am inelegible for the course I was just wondering is this a serious offence and what will my fate be…

  102. Hi I have 6 points on licence one for speeding sp50 and one for running a red light now I have received another speeding ticket on a dual carriageway will I get banned
    For this?

  103. Hi, I got caught on the 15th July and received a NIP on the 5th Aug. post mark 29th July. Is this worth contesting on the basis that if it was posted on the 29th ( the 14th day) it was never going to get anywhere by the 14th day. ( 59 in a 50 )

    • Hi John,
      The question is are you the registered keeper of the vehicle, are you the owner, have you registered your vehicle at the DVLA, are your records up to date. If all above are yes then you may have a defence, but it will be difficult. Your only defence would be that the NIP is time barred. but you will have to prove that the issue date is outside the 14 day limit. The process date is usually under the address of the ticket office . If the issue date is within the 14 day rule then you will find the defence very difficult. Please make sure that you fill in the S172 section naming the driver or that would be a further offence and make sure it is done inside the 28 days provided.

  104. Hi all. I just got flashed in Southampton victim going to be away at sea for the next 2 months in a coupe. Days. Is there anything I can do. All so do they send a photo with the fine?

  105. Hi got flashed by a yellow camera on a 30mph zone. I was doing 36mph. My letter says the police will prosecute for 30 plus 10% plus 3 which comes to 36mph. I always used to travel along this route and it used to be a 40mph zone. This has now been reduced to a 30 zone. Not sure why as just a quarter of a mile you come from a 50 zone. Do I have anything I can stand on any grounds due to the speed changing. Plus the majority of the yellow cameras don't work??? Help needed please thanks

    • Hi Kay. No, you have no grounds for appeal as far as I can see. The fact that the speed limit has changed doesn't alter anything in regards to the law. Speed limits change all the time along stretches of road, or there are temporary speed limits for roadworks, and it is up to you to follow them.

  106. Hi there,hope you are keeping well, i caught by a camera,when i was doing 28 m/h,i dnt understand why this camera flash on me,when i check on road marking its says 20 speed limit,but i think all the camera set on 30 zone on 33 speed limit,that was hepen in london,i already got 3 points,but if get these then it will b 6 points,can you please giude me the save my self from point,because i was thinking the camera set up for 30 speed limit,but it was not,it caught me on 28 speed,i am so worried about it,kindly give me good advice,thanks

    • So you were doing 28 in a 20 zone, and you're upset that a camera caught you? If you don't want to get fined and points, then don't exceed the speed limit by 40%.

    • 20mph zones are normally near schools, so your speed will not be taken lightly.
      Send in the form correctly and you will expect to receive a fixed penalty offer or a speed awareness course, if you have’nt attended one in the last three years. If you are offered it take it.

  107. I passed a speed camera that someone was working on and it flashed at me. Should I be worried? I'm sure I wasn't speeding

    • If you weren't speeding then you have nothing to worry about. It may possibly have been a manual setting applied by the technician to check that the camera was working properly.

  108. I got caught 78 in a 50. I've signed the NIP to say I was driving but that was March 2014. I haven't heard anything since , how long can they legally wait before summoning me to court ?

    • A requisition order for court proceedings must be issued within six months of the date of the offence. Were your sent an offer of a fixed penalty?.

  109. Hello there

    Just wondering

    If i done like 78 in 70mph average check on the first camera on motorway

    Then just doing around 70 or below through out

    Will i get ticket on the first ???

    • The average speed cameras record the time you have taken to cover the distance between each camera. It would depend on how long you were sitting on 78mph through the monitored zone; if you sat on 78mph until just before the second camera, it would make your average speed higher than if you passed the first camera at 78mpgh and then immediately dropped to 70.

  110. if you are unsure about been filmed ore not,get an old Tyre and half gallon of Gas around the yaller Box and warm it proper up to test is working fine still,when there still was light-sensitieve – film in the Box it also been a good Test to drill few Holes to check Accuracy.But wif the Memorycard today,better i recomend then,run some Gas in the Holes and warm it proper up as well,if NIP still gets mailed then you have repaired the important Device,thanks,hehe..

  111. I received a speeding fine in the post but I have lost the letter. What do I do? I recived the fine in Derbyshire but live in Essex

  112. I went through a 50 and the camrea went off. I was not aware of me speed as I was on cruse control but a car came whizzing beside me cut me up as we went through the camera, setting it off. Because he swerved in front of me, what latter seemed to shield himself from the camrea, is there any way they will be able to identify if it was me or the overtaking car? I also had a forward facing camrea, so can I use this as evidence to prove what happened?

  113. Hi, I'd really like some advice. I was flashed tonight at about 11 pm in grantham, a fixed camera on a duel carriageway. Doing about 90 roughly in a 70! I don't know what I was thinking to be honest. I've had my licence 2 years. Never been done for speeding or anything previously ect. What am I likely to get?! I'm gutted obviously and I don't plan to claim it was for any reason ect other than it was a bad night and probably wasnt concentrating as I should have been. Help.

    • Sorry, there's no advice that's going to help you. Bad night & not concentrating are not going to get you out of a fine – a judge will quite rightly tell you that you should not have been driving if you weren't concentrating, and may well impose a higher penalty.

  114. Hi, I have just got a speeding letter through for doing 41mph in a 30 zone. It says Notice Issue date as 15th June for an offence caused on 26th May. I acquired the car on the 13th May. Would it be worth putting in an appeal baring in mind the 14 day rule, or might the fact that it was 13 days after buying the car, that could have played a part?

    • Since the vehicle was purchased only the month before the DVLA may not have upgraded their system. so the original NIP, would have gone to the previous keeper hence the late arrival of yours, so it would safe to say that the NIP is valid and you should reply to it within the timescale.

  115. Hi Stuart, I got a letter from the court about a speeding camera ticket which I didn't pay within 28 days. I tried to make the payment of the fine avoiding to go to the court , but it seems the speeding offence is not available any longer on the system. Please could you tell me what I will do next? If I get in touch with the speed camera office or to make my self ready for the court?
    Thank you.

    • You will more than likely to receive a court requisition, and you will probably be requested to appear, you will probably face a larger fine + court costs + victim surcharge + 6 or more penalty points and possibly a ban of no more than six months.

  116. Hi, i was speeding on the moterway, doing 145mph been stopped by a under cover cop car and i was been told it will be a court hearing ? Any clue whats the procedure now???

    • Sit back and await your fate, 145 in a 70, you will be looking at a 24 or 36 month ban, possible fine of £2,500. £ 800 court costs + 20% victim surcharge also 3 months at her majesty’s pleasure.

  117. Hi all,
    I was driving from Milton Keynes this morning at 12am and while overtaking a car in the first lane, near my exit (about 3/4 or 1/3 miles away)
    During the overtaking at about 80/85mph on a empty road I got flashed.

    I'll wait 2 weeks, but could I argue the case if I get a nip within 2 weeks?


    • What exactly would you be arguing? The speed limit is a fixed number, and is not open to interpretation – even if it appears to be a stupid limit.

  118. I have been driving for 4 months. I got flashed doing 35 in a 30 zone… What is the most common punishment the police will take? Could I loose my license as a first year driver?

    • Answer = YES, You may be issued with a NIP, so fill it in correctly and send it off, then wait.
      They may take into consideration the length of time you have had your licence so you will probably be offered a fixed penalty notice of 3 points + £100 fine or alternatively offered a speed awareness course, which will cost you approx £85 to £100, and no penalty points, these are normally held on a Saturday morning and last for about 4 hours. If you are offered this take it. There will then be no record of your misdemeanour.

  119. Hi I currently have 6 points on my licence but was allowed to carry on driving as I commited the offense as a provisional driver. I was flashed 4 weeks ago and still havnt had a fine. I was 100% noticed. Have I got away with it?

  120. Do all flashing lights end up with speeding penalty? Is there a difference speeding at night compared to day time and the state of traffic on the road?

    • There is no guarantee that just because a camera has flashed, you will receive a speeding fine. The speed limit is not altered by time of day or traffic levels in the UK, unless you are on a motorway with variable speed limits.

  121. Hi I'm disabled driver who's recently passed just over a month ago! I was waiting at traffic light which has a speed camera and red light camera, the light changed green at which I started to go my hand momentarily slipped off my hand control (break/accelerator) I quickly grabbed hold of it but in doing so I pulled it back a little to far it's super sensitive, I have Mini Cooper S and the acceleration is very quick it shot up to 44 and the speed limit is 40 I wasn't at 44 for more than a second or two before breaking quickly and slowing down to around 28. Am I likely to have been flashed? And if so do I have solid grounds for an appeal? Thank you.

  122. I have received the letter from a camera and sent back the form to confirm I was the driver however no fine has been sent back… What should I do?

  123. I got caught doing 58 in a 50 average speed zone on M1 at 10:15pm. I was driving my wife’s car which I am not used to driving in. I do this run two or three times a week and have done since the road works wee installed. Is this worth an appeal on the above grounds?

  124. I received a speeding fine from Spain for 50 euros 8 months after the alleged incident for driving 117 kilometres on a 100 kilometre road.
    They are asking me to pay by credit card or a bank transfer.
    Am I obliged to pay this after 8 months.

    • Hi Rita. Sorry, I don’t know and the original guest author of this article does not respond to any comments that have been left.

    • Hi Stuart

      How do you know for sure if you were the driver or not, there is a possibility someone else had used my car on the day in question. Do all camera’s take pictures of the driver when caught speeding?

    • Hi Melissa. The penalty notice is sent to the car’s registered keeper, and it is your responsibility to identify the driver if you were not driving the car at the time.

  125. Is there a statutory distance within a 30 limit for the camera and road lines to be sited? I drove through a new Truvelo installation yesterday at about 35, and the road lines were only 10 m inside the 30 zone, with the camera 20 M further on. I had already slowed from the 40 limit preceding it, and would have been down to 30 a few Metres further in, camera or not. It didn’t flash, but I believe Truvelos are infra-red. I thought you had to be 150 Metres into the limit to be fined. I have only had one other incursion in 50 years, (68 in a short 50 section of an otherwise 70 dual carriageway) by a hand-held device, and when I questioned the police officer on his siting of the trap, he told me it met the statutory 150 Metres.

    • I don’t know what the statutory margins are, and they may vary for different circumstances. However, as any policeman will tell you, you are expected to be doing 30mph by the time you pass the sign, not 10m or 150m afterwards, so you’d be hard-pressed to find sympathy in terms of appealing a penalty.

    • That being said the GUIDELINE (I stress guideline as they’re not set rules) is that in a 30 limit a speed of 35mph is the minimum speed to be prosecuted. If your speedo said 35 then chances of you actually doing over 32 are very slim as they are very rarely accurate unless it’s a gps speedometer.

  126. hi i just passed a mobile speed camera at 40mph in a 30mph zone, the speed limit changed not even half a mile up the road, i only passed my test end of 2013…..what will be the consequences? :(

  127. hi, i just went past a mobile speed camera at about 40 in a 30 zone, the speed limit changed not even a mile up the road i only passed my test ed of 2013….will i loose my licence :(

    • The fact that the speed limit changed further down the road will be completely irrelevant. I don’t know if you will lose your licence, but you will almost certainly get a fine and some points.

  128. Hi, i was changing lanes and i was looking to my mirror had to add some speed but i dont think so the camera flashed. If the camera flashed would i notice it even if i was looking in my mirror, and is it 2 flashes?

  129. Hi. I got flashed doing 95mph in a 70mph dual carriageway at night with no other traffic. I was rushing to rhe hospital with my pregnant wofe in the passenger seat in late stages of labour. Is it worth challenging the NIP?

    • I imagine if anything you’ll make it worse as they’d take it to court potentially if you were to challenge it and they’d question why you risked the safety of your wife and unborn child by driving over the speed limits. I personally wouldn’t challenge this one.

  130. Hi There!
    I am concerned that I may have missed the letter with a speed limit fine. I am sharing flat with other people and the letter may have been lost. Is there anywhere where I can check whether I was actually fined (it’s been more than 14 days now)


  131. I got a letter from police for speeding (captured by automatic speed camera) on London Road, Uckfield. However there is no speed camera on the road, I have checked it several times. What should I do?

  132. Just been flashed about 05.20am by a high camera by a crossroads, tcto be honest i thought it was a camera for when you went through a red light but obviosly not, it was a 30 zone and i was probably doing about 40 which is unusual for me to speed so gutted but its my own fault what should i expect.

  133. Hi,

    I received a speeding ticket but I’m 100% certain I was not driving, the time and date makes no sense, and I am the only one who drives my car. The only thing that makes sense about the ticket is that the route is my regular route for work but the ticket was issued on a Saturday at 9.42 pm (I have 2 small kids that would have been in bed by this time). I work in an office Mon-Wed 9-5, so I have no business on that route at the day and time, this ticket makes no sense to me at all except that there’s a fault with the camera maybe and got it’s time and date mixed. This is not to say I register speeding at any other time on this route, there’s usually traffic on the route anyway so you hardly ever go faster that the speed limit of 50, also they stated that it was a temporary road work camera?? They sent a picture of my car plate but that’s all, no picture of who may be driving the car. I have been taking to court and I will be pleading not guilty as I cannot take the blame for something I have not done. my question is do I need a solicitor to go to court with me or can I plead my case by myself? I’m already annoyed to have to take time off work to attend a hearing, I don’t really want to fork solicitor’s fee as well. Thank you.

    • Hi Bukky. You are certainly allowed to represent yourself, and plenty of people will do so for speeding offences. However, your chances of success are more likely if you engage a solicitor who specialises in motoring law.

      You will need to show that you couldn’t have been driving the car at 9.42pm on a Saturday and that should really be enough to get the penalty withdrawn. It is entirely possible that there was a fault with the camera, as it happens from time to time and the government basically hopes that people just pay up without contesting.

  134. i got cought doing 100mph in a 70 by a hand held camra 27/06/14 i got the letter and filled in part 3 to say i was driving which i sent back on the 05/08/14 but still not had nothing back? do they have so long to take me to court?

  135. The speed camera caught me and probably the police sent to me the penalty speed where I was living because I don’t provide my new address as now living with friends only temporary…This is the second house I changed in 2 month…
    Might be somebody put the letter which they sent after I moved in the bin knowing that I don’t live there anymore.
    If the police sent something to me to pay, what should I do?

    • Hi Faouaz. The requirement is for the police to deliver the NIP to the address of the registered keeper within 14 days. It is your responsibility to make sure that your address is correct.

      If you think you should have received a penalty (or any other mail, for that matter), you should be getting in touch with the new residents at your registered address to try and collect it. And change your address details with the DVLA. And next time, maybe try mail forwarding.

  136. My question has been asked previously, although I couldn’t see a reply.

    I was in my friend’s car on the 26th of December, using the M4 or M25 and we believe he got flashed at 100mph+

    Would this result in a NIP (within 14 days) or could it take anywhere up to six months to receive anything as the article wasn’t clear. Or would he be eligible to receive both?



    • Hi Mike. I’m not sure (I didn’t write this article), but it would appear to depend on whether the incident was deemed a serious offence. Even if it is deemed serious, I doubt that the police will take six months to get hold of your friend – but they legally have six months to do so. I would imagine that your friend will be hearing from them soon enough.

  137. I’ve just received a fine from the dreaded M5 region where “Motorway Management” is now in force. I didn’t realise that speed limits shown in red circles on the gantry were mandatory and not advisory as they are on older gantries. I simply thought it was new look tech! Anyway, that’s beside the point – I post it as a warning to others. My question though is that the offence was on 15 Dec, but I only received the fine today on the 8th Jan (postmarked 6th Jan). I thought the police had to issue it within 14 days. Am I able to contest on that aspect (I was only fractionally over the limit for a very short distance).

    • When I thought I got caught the rule was if the post date is beyond 14 days you can purely reject it. I don’t see why a managed motorway would be exempt from that. If the post mark is 6th as you say then it was sent way after 14 days later even if you factor in 2 bank holidays for Xmas and Boxing Day even with new years day it would be over 14 days.

    • Just forgot to add that if you were in a company car then chances are you’re bang to rights as it only has to get to the company within 14 days not the driver.

    • Hi Simon. Yes, any speed sign which contains the speed inside a circle is a legal limit. Speed signs which are not enclosed in a circle are advisories only.

      We can’t advise as to your likelihood of success in contesting any penalty, but there are plenty of legal firm which specialise in this sort of issue and can advise you accordingly (usually an initial consultation won’t incur a charge, or only a small one).

  138. I wasn’t speeding, usually the only time I go above 30ish is when I’m overtaking. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the speed is was meant to be doing.

  139. i received a speeding fine in the post, Saying i was caught doing 41mph in a 30 mph zone, and carried on at that speed past the camera. Now i know this is wrong on two accounts. 1. I was warned by a motorist that there was a police camera van ahead. and 2. As i had also seen the Mobile Camera i had clocked my speed at 29 mph. is there anything i can do?

  140. I was approaching a set of traffic lights with speed ceras where lines are marked on the road. The traffic light was Amber, I tjiugh I would make it but I could not so I did break and stopped making sure I don’t go through the traffic lights however having said that the cameras still flashed, does that mean I got a fine?

    • Hi Ameen. You may receive a fine, but hopefully it would be reviewed before they send it out and they would realise. If you do receive a fine, you should have good grounds to appeal it.

  141. I have been advised today (02/12/2014) that I have been caught speeding on the A14 near Cambridge. It’s a 70mph limit as it’s a 3 lane dual carriageway, but the offence was 16/10/2014, by my calculations a full 47 days after the offence. My situation is that I deliver demo cars all over the UK, and as such the vehicle was registered (in this case) to Volvo UK, so the ticket will have gone to their head office in Maidenhead first, then passed onto my company office in Oxfordshire. The woman in our office who called me today to tell me of my ticket, admitted she’d sent it onto another driver by mistake hence the long time in my being notified.
    So my question is this……do I have any leeway whatsoever to appeal this ticket, or is it what could be described as ‘unusual circumstances’?

  142. thanks mike just waiting for the post man this morning hopefully he wont bring me a present LOL ,so no mail tomorrow ( sunday ) then my 14 days are up.

    • yee haaa no ticket today, but i am not counting my blessings yet i will give it untill monday.
      but it has taught me a lesson i will be more vigilant and i will slow down.

  143. dose a mobile (van camera) have to flash to catch you speeding ? i passed a mobile van camera in a 50mph zone doing 58mph but camera never flashed so not sure if to expect a ticket.
    this was 13 days ago.

    • They don’t have to flash no but I went passed one in a 50 at 60 and got nothing (speed limit change on a dual carriageway badly signed) so you may be ok anyway.

  144. Think I may have absent mindedly passed a mobile van at about 29 in a 20. My stupidity. Question is, I need to hang on to my licence over Christmas to hire a car overseas and I suspect that at this time the powers that be will be processing it with points. Is there anyway if I can pay the fine on time and postpone sending off original of my licence until I get back?. Reckon there could be an over lap of a week or so if notice takes 14 days to arrive.

  145. Hi I have been flashed last night on A12 I was doing 60 in 50 zone I go pass that camera every day for the past 3 years never flashed before but last night all of a sudden it did. It was 5:00AM and it was my first ever flash!! will I be penalize??? my license is clean as well!!!

    • Well by your own admission “I was doing 60 in a 50 zone”, so you may have a fine on its way soon. I don’t think they will accept the excuse that you haven’t been caught for the last three years.

  146. Hi my wife was traveling at 35 on 30mph zone and had a flash will she get a ticket? Can we appeal after two weeks if we don’t get nothing?

  147. I think I got flashed. Not sure whether it was the camera opposite the road or the car approaching me from behind. I think I was doing 32 or 33. Didn’t see the Gatso camera as it was obscured by tree branches. Do you think I have a chance of appealing?

    • You’ll have to wait and see what the infringement notice says if/when you get one. At the end of the day, they are programmed to take a photo if you are speeding, so if you were over the limit then you will get a fine.

    • 19 days has elapsed since I got flashed and I still haven’t recieved NIP letter. I think I can safely say I wasn’t me who’d got flashed. Talk about anxiety!

  148. I got caught 27 in a 20 zone owe fault my mother had a fall at home fracture d hip still in hospital I panicked at the time will I get points or can I go on speed awhereness course

    • Hi Trevor. It varies among different police forces and districts. I suggest checking the local police website or giving them a call to find out more.

  149. I was caught doing 36 in a 30 mph zone. i have a clean licence and i was actually slowing down but the camera still flashed will i be getting points. is it possible i can just get a fine alone with no points? if not is it possible i may do a speed awareness course?

    • Hi juwon. The penalties are pretty much standard, so chances are you will be getting points and a fine. “I was actually slowing down” isn’t a great defence, as you are admitting to going even faster before reaching the camera…

      The option to take a speed awareness course is at the discretion of the local authorities, and varies across the country.

  150. Caught speeding by police mobile camera and pulled over. Took 4 weeks to be issued with fine and points notice. I thought this had to be done in 14 days? Does the delay make any difference?

  151. received my notice to prosecute today i had been traveling at 48 in a 30 zone, silly mistake.
    my questions are,

    i have just passed my test for the 2nd time after having my licence revoked back in 2007, im i classed as a new driver even though i held my licence for 10 years till the ban ?

    and what amount of points can i expect ?

    cheers for any information

  152. Hi, my wife has somehow got caught doing over 50 60 or below within the space of a few weeks on the temp speed limit on the m1 between junction 28 and 31. The first two came through within a couple of days of each other. She is adamant she hasn’t been speeding, guessing ignorance isn’t an excuse or is it?

    • Nope, it’s not an excuse. The only possibility would be if the temporary signs were not properly displayed. But they almost certainly would have been, so she’s going to have to pay up…

  153. Hi, I was in a 30mph zone. A bus had pulled over at a bus stop, all the other cars in front of me had gone round it – as I was going round it it decided to pull out and started along, there was oncoming traffic coming forward so I sped up to make sure I didn’t hit the cars coming forward. The speed camera was bang in front of me and think I was going about 36.

    Do you think I’ve got a right to appeal?

    • Probably not, as the counter argument is that you could have slowed down and tucked back in behind the bus rather than speeding up to get in front of it. Of course, you may not even get a fine if the camera was pointed at the other lane and you were presumably on the wrong side of the road.

  154. I’m in the process of moving, and have been doing a lot of millage over this period. I haven’t changed my licence or log book yet and was wondering if I can check if there are any fines coming my way as I have left no forwarding address at my last property.?

  155. I may have been caught on a 60mph Dual Carriageway. I couldn’t say what speed as my speedometer has been inaccurate to a shocking level in the past but was probably anwhere from 70 up to 90 at the point id have been in range. What Is the speed that is considered “excessive” and gives them 6 months to lodge court papers? Or do those court papers still require an NIP prior to them within the 14 days?

  156. I think I got caught about 10 days ago – just waiting on the letter now in the next few days. I think I was doing 58 at the very most in a 50 zone. will I be caught?

  157. Does the smart motorway on the m5 bristol work when not in use. I was led to believe it was only in use when illuminating a speed. I got flashed when no speed was showing am I going to be expecting a letter many thanks shane

  158. I have been caught on camera in 30 area doing 42 on a 3 year contract hire car, I received notice after two months (06/08/2014) and date on letter was 04/08/2014, do I need to do anything?

  159. I was doing 30 behind a bus and was unable to see the speed limit signs, I started to overtake the bus but wasn’t going outrageously fast, I didn’t see the camera flash because as I passed the bus the camera was there as if the bus was between me and the camera the full time, will I be alright ?

    • This is not something we can really advise upon. If the camera could identify you, and you were exceeding the speed limit, then you can expect to get penalised (assuming the camera had any film in it – plenty don’t and are inactive).

  160. Got caught doing 48 in a 40. Was in a 50 Zone and think i didnt slow down fast enough. Any chance ill be offered the course? Its my first offence

  161. I got done doing 48 on the A5 I always use this road which has always been 50 i was dreaming away approaching roadworks and didn’t notice the new temporary change in road speed down to 40 mph the new sign was approx 100 yards before the camera, I’ve retraced my steps and that was the only sign, the previous was 50mph is that right ? Can they give you such little notice? Anybody know ?t
    Thanks michael

    • Im sure Ive read that they cant prosecute at a new speed limit for a certain time after the change. In other words it would still be 50 in the camera’s case. I dont know if theres any truth in that

  162. Ok I’m going to have to admit something here. I got caught doing 37 in a 30 zone last weekend and got the intent to prosecute this weekend. It was posted out as quickly as it came through my door with all my details needed. What has worried me is that I had owned the car less than a year and inadvertently over-ran it’s mot. By more than a few days… will this have been picked up by a standard gatzo? Will it be picked up over the course of this speeding fine being processed? I have since had to scrap the car as it had failed it’s mot and the repairs uneconomical so no longer own the car. But obviously I’m extremely paranoid and nervous as I’ve never been this lapse before with my vehicles and don’t know what’s in store for me. I’ve never had a vehicle offence before in my 7 years driving

    Anyone have any advice on the issue?

    • I don’t know if the police cross-check MOT and insurance records when sending out speeding fines. Someone else may have experience in this area, but I’d say there is a fair chance that the systems may run a check to make sure that any cars caught are legally registered and MOTed.

    • was caught doing 58 in a 40 it’s my first offence what kind of fine and points will I get plus I don’t think was driving so fast and I did slow down as I saw cam van which clocked me over 150 metres away

  163. Hi I was passing a speed camera when it was getting serviced by someone, when I passed doing 28mph it flashed twice plus the camera was lowered

    • I’d imagine you’re pretty safe there: a) you weren’t speeding, and b) sounds like it was undergoing maintenance, so it may have just been coincidence that the flash went off as you were passing by.

  164. I was ‘flashed’ this morning in very heavy fog. I didn’t know what the local limit and was unable to see any sings. Will I get prosecuted?

  165. up to how long after being caught on a speed camera is it still legal for action to be taken, iv'e been waiting nearly 4 weeks so far.

  166. why is you get three points on your licence, £100 pound fine and also your car insurance goes up as well. perhaps the insurance companies are jumping on the band wagon by over inflating car insurance. I do agree with speed cameras but where i live we have six speed cameras and then we have the mobile police vans parked in areas along the route easy pray for the police i think

  167. Hello there!!! I have been caught on camera speeding on M11 going to Stansted the thing is, its already 2 months gone and I still didn't have any letters, is this ok???

    • Hi Miriama. I would have thought that if it was 2 months ago and you haven’t heard anything, you should be I’m the clear. Fingers crossed.

    • The photo probably wasn’t good enough for them to use so it just gets scrapped. 1 in 7 are good enough to use. Not all cameras have film in when they flash

    • Hi, I just arrived in UK and started driving on International driving license.

      In my first week of driving, I caught on restricted road having speed limit 30/mph through speed camera twice consecutively:
      FIRSTLY on 14th April 2021 at speed 37/mph and SECONDLY on 15th April 2021 at speed 36/mph on same point.
      I received two NIPs of above mentioned over speeds.
      Plz tell me what’s will happen with me and what’s I need to do to minimize the offense damage.
      I will be thankful for you.

  168. I think that people would be much more supportive of speed cameras if they thought that it actually made roads safer instead of just revenue raising for the government.

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