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Cleaning your car – how to make it shine like new

Cleaning your car to preserve its brand-new, luxury appeal doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Maintaining that sparkling paint job or restoring scratches and external damages can easily be done at home thanks to the invention of some superb products.

A great job for the weekend, cleaning your car will take barely any time at all.  Those looking to make their car shine like new will find these few easy steps will help them do just that.

Always use a car shampoo when cleaning your car

Use a good car shampoo when cleaning your car (The Car Expert)Using a car shampoo is vital when it comes to cleaning your car. Specifically designed to lubricate and condition, car shampoo will stop paint from peeling and rubber from tearing. With a wide range of brands available, each offering mild to extreme car detergents, owners will be able to decide which shampoo is best for their vehicle.

Unlike other cleansers, which may wash away wax and scratch your car’s paintwork, car shampoo is guaranteed to protect your paintwork and will leave your vehicle looking shiny and new.

Prior to using car shampoo, you should rinse off the vehicles, using buckets of water or preferably a hose. Next, add just enough shampoo to a bucket of water to get a soapy and foamy mixture.

Wash in sections, using a soft and gentle cloth. Rinse each section after applying shampoo and carefully dry using a clean cloth.

Apply a good polish

Polish aims to maintain the appearance of paint, enabling colour to remain bright and vibrant despite the age of vehicles. Whilst using a buffing machine is arguably the easiest and fastest way to apply polish, a simple, clean buffer pad can also be used and is a cheaper alternative if you are looking to save money.

From recovering and restoring paintwork to ensuring a constant, dazzling shine, there is an array of great polishes designed to satisfy customers’ needs and provide cars with the exact treatment needed to achieve an eye-catching and spectacular appearance.

Add tyre shine for the final flourish


Use a good tyre shine when cleaning your car (The Car Expert)Sleek, black tyres are the final step in cleaning your car to make it look brand new. Unfortunately, packed with dirt, grit and dust, cleaning tyres also tends to be the hardest part. You should wash tyres separately from the rest of the car, using a separate bucket of clean water and shampoo.

Using a tyre cleanser after shampooing will enable you to get between cracks and crevasses and efficiently scrub away dirt. After scrubbing the tyres clean, you should gently dry them with a cloth or towel, ensuring that dirt is nowhere to be seen.

Once successfully and carefully cleaned, tyre shine can be applied. A resilient and lasting gel, tyre shine will keep wheels looking like new for months on end, no matter what weather they may have to face.

Coating tyres with a smooth, sleek, black shine, this incredible gel will give any car that rich and luxurious appeal. Adding a touch of panache to vehicles, tyre shine is a must when it comes to making your car look like new.


By following these three easy steps when cleaning your car, you will quickly have your machine looking amazing. This means you can spend the rest of the weekend sitting back, relaxing and appreciating your work.

From using car shampoo to thoroughly wash vehicles, to adding tyre shine for that smooth, sleek finish, there is a variation of great products created to help you when cleaning your car.

Cheap to buy, these few simple products are the ultimate way to achieve that sparkling shine and to possibly make them want to care for their car more often.

Cleaning your car does not guarantee it will turn into a Ferrari 250 GT SWB...
Cleaning your car does not guarantee it will turn into a Ferrari 250 GT SWB…

John Hugheshttps://www.dusty-cars.com
John Hughes works with America's leading classic cars buyers, Dusty Cars. With several years of experience in this field, John is passionate with sharing his knowledge about excellent car care with others.

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