Do you know your dashboard warning lights?

Modern cars have many warning lights, but do you know what each of them means?

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Dashboard Warning Light (The Car Expert)The last thing you want to see whilst driving is the glow of an unrecognisable warning light upon your dashboard. Although a nuisance, they serve as the key communication mechanism to relay important pieces of information regarding the car’s condition.

With ongoing advancements in technology, it’s not uncommon for a car to have over 30 different warning lights on the dashboard, each pointing to a separate area of the vehicle’s health.

Understanding what each of these warning lights relates to can be a struggle for even the most competent driver, so it’s no surprise when findings from Britannia Rescue’s dashboard survey show that 98% of drivers being unable to identify all their warning lights.

Dashboard warning light symbols

Highlighting what each of the lights often indicates and the best course of action for remedying the issue, this dashboard warning light infographic helps to improve awareness for what is a very important aspect of maintaining a safe and reliable car.

Addressing and fixing a fault at an early stage can often reduce the possible impact it can have on your car, thus saving money on future repair bills that may arise if the issue is left to escalate into a bigger problem.

Please note: Each car model has its own individual set of specific dashboard warning lights and precise information relating to each one can be found in the driver handbook. Please seek professional advice from your manufacturer or a qualified vehicle technician to with any issue you’re unsure about.




Top Tip

If a warning light illuminates, you should stop in a safe place as soon as possible and check what the problem is. Keep your vehicle manual handy so that you can easily check what that symbol means as well as the recommended action to take.

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James Clayton
James Clayton
James Clayton is the Technical Director at Claytons MOT & Service Centre in Leeds. Established in 1982, this award-winning company is part of Bosch Car Service National Network of Independent Garages.

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  1. Greetings to you Mr. Clayton, a small ABS yellow in color is always ON at the bottom left of my dashboard while the engine is on & in operating stage of the ( 1996 Ford Class B, Motorhome.) Any other suggestion of a water seepage coming in & settling on deck, inside the unit, overhead right rear, & rear sides of the unit while the AC unit is on. Any suggestion/s? Thanks

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