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eBay collections

This article is brought to you by eBay Collections.

eBay has been around for years now, and if you are like me, you’ve probably spent hours poring over auctions of various obscure items that you once had when you were a kid.  But eBay has come a long way over the last decade, and is now considered a genuine retail opportunity for big businesses as well as small operations and private sellers.

No longer simply an online equivalent of a garage sale, you can buy virtually anything on eBay.  To prove this point, eBay asked The Car Expert to come up with a dozen collections of cool, quirky and amazing things that you can buy on their site. The results may surprise you.

The twelve collections I have put together cover a variety of categories and themes, from vintage memorabilia to bespoke gift ideas to classic cars for sale through eBay Motors.

Monaco Grand Prix poster (eBay Collections)One of my favourite collections brings together some fantastic motor racing posters from over the years. Growing up as a kid in Australia, my bedroom walls were completely covered in posters from the Australian Grands Prix in Adelaide. Stupidly, I pulled them all down and threw them away as a teenager, because now they would be worth a lot of money! Today, my lounge room now proudly features a reproduction of the 1932 Monaco Grand Prix poster, and I have plans for a few Le Mans posters when I can free up some wall space.

Car enthusiasts are famously loyal to their favourite marques, and you can buy all sorts of memorabilia to celebrate your love for a particular brand. We put together collections of branded merchandise and lifestyle accessories for brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Alfa Romeo to illustrate the variety of stuff you can buy to show your racing colours. I particularly like a lot of the stuff in the Porsche collection, which features some great products developed by Porsche Design in conjunction with other companies. I don’t smoke, but the Porsche Design cigarette lighter is much cooler than a common old Zippo.

Automotive-branded apparel used to be pretty naff – caps with logos stitched on slightly askew, shirts that looked and felt incredibly cheap and nasty, and so on. But now in the 21st century, you can buy plenty of good-looking and high-quality clothing items that show your support for your favourite car company or racing team without looking like a clown. From Rolls-Royce scarves to Aston Martin wallets, retro/vintage Honda T-shirts and of course classic Steve McQueen-inspired Gulf jackets, there are plenty of cool ways to be a stylish car fan. Of course, if you want to look terrible, there’s always a sterling 10K gold Richard Petty belt buckle which is even more horrific than it sounds.

Finally, you will be delighted at the quantity of amazing cars that can be found for sale on eBay Motors. Whether you want European chic or American muscle, there are plenty of vintage and modern machines being offered every day. I picked out some of my favourites, but honestly I could have tripled that number and still kept going.

So check out my eBay collections and let us all know what you think. Just don’t complain to me when you realise you’ve lost twelve hours looking at various automotive gems until 3am…


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