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Drivers more reliant on their cars post-Covid

A new report has found that over half of drivers say their cars have become more important to them through the Covid-19 pandemic

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A new report has found that more than half of the UK’s drivers have admitted to their cars becoming more important to them throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Car Finance UK 2021 Report, via Mintel, 55% of drivers have become more reliant on having their own mode of transport.

While our driving habits may have changed throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our buying habits don’t appear to have followed the same trend. In fact, with most people spending less in recent months, it’s estimated that as many as seven million people will purchase a new or used car within the next 12 months.

This follows the suggestion that despite a turbulent 12-18 months throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers remain committed to getting behind the wheel of a new car.

Car leasing offers consumers the flexibility to regularly change their cars, with lease terms starting at just 24 months. By having the freedom to switch vehicles every couple of years, drivers benefit from the latest models and technology on the market.

While our daily commutes may never be the same in a post-lockdown world, it has been reported that we were driving more while stricter restrictions were in place. Despite many of us working from home and spending less time in the office, drivers within the UK have been using our vehicles more but instead using our cars to enjoy personal time away from work.

Thanks to mileage limits of up to 30,000 miles per year, a car lease through Carparison allows you to enjoy that precious time, without having to worry about excess charges.

There is also rising interest in the possibility of transitioning into an electric car. According to the report, 41% of adults aged 17+ are planning to replace their current vehicle with an electric vehicle within the next 12 months.

Electric car lease deals come with a host of valuable benefits, including lower running costs and zero CO2 tailpipe emissions, without compromising on an immersive driving experience.

With many drivers becoming more economically conscious during lockdown, the ongoing demand for electric vehicles does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

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