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Electric car myth-busting 

With the help of our commercial partner Carparison, we have busted some EV-related myths created by the surging popularity of electric cars

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If you’re considering an electric car lease, you’ve probably had to deal with some conflicting theories and myths about how practical they are to live with.

Unsurprisingly, many of those common myths you see bandied around are false and we’re here today to finally bust those myths and put your mind at ease.

‘Electric cars can’t travel far’

As the electric car sector continues to evolve, manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries of engineering to create the best possible EV.

From Skoda to Volkswagen and Tesla, there are now several 300+ mile range electric cars readily available on the market. 

The real-world range of these will of course be dictated by conditions and driving habits, but you no longer have to break the bank to find an EV that can go the distance.

‘Electric cars are too expensive’

While the likes of Mercedes, Tesla and Audi may steal the headlines with their top of the range electric cars, there are plenty of more affordable options available.

Top manufacturers like Volkswagen, Smart and Fiat offer cost-effective electric cars for a more affordable electric driving experience.

Nissan Leaf lease is another valuable option for an electric car that doesn’t have to come with a humungous monthly payment and still has a range of up to 239 miles.  

‘Electric cars break down more often’

Despite what many people might think, there’s no evidence to say electric cars break down more frequently than their combustion engine alternatives.

They are built with significantly fewer moving parts than their diesel or petrol alternatives, so in theory, they can result in less maintenance.

Gone are the days of worrying about your engine oil or an expensive clutch replacement, but the car’s battery will need to be maintained in place of the engine.

‘Electric cars take too long to charge’

There isn’t one set way to charge your electric car, giving you the freedom to charge your car at a speed that suits you. 

Depending on the method you choose to charge your EV will determine how long it takes.

The most basic method to charge an EV is with a three-pin plug. This is not often advised as it will be the slowest method.

Wallbox chargers at home can operate at up to 7kW and depending on your battery size, might take anywhere between 6 and 8 hours. 

Many modern electric cars can now rapid charge at up 120kW, which allows a car to charge from 20-80% in as a little as 30 minutes.

Take out a Tesla Model 3 lease and you’ll recoup up to 175 miles in just 15 minutes at your nearest Supercharger. 

‘Electric vehicles can’t be driven or charged in the rain’

Historically, we’re always taught that electricity and water combined is bad news, so we understand why many people might have concerns about driving an EV in wet conditions.

Fear not, though, they’re perfectly safe to drive in the rain. Follow traditional road safety advice when it comes to driving in the wet, as you would with a combustion engine. 

‘You can’t tow with an electric car’

Despite what you might think, many electric cars come with very competitive towing capacities.

Higher torque figures have always made diesel cars the go-to choice when towing something like a caravan. This is where an EV comes in, the combination of instant torque and regenerative braking means there are many advantages that come with towing with an EV.

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