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Electric cars on the march

The first quarterly report from The Car Expert’s pioneering new Expert Rating Index comes at a critical point for a revolution in the car industry

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  • First quarterly report from our pioneering new Expert Rating Index
  • Rapid growth in the number of new electric cars to choose from
  • Electric cars achieving higher Expert Rating scores from reviewers

London, 3 November 2021: Today, The Car Expert has published the first quarterly report from its pioneering new Expert Rating Index, which tracks all of the most popular new cars on sale and ranks them according to media reviews from across the UK.

This first report comes at a critical point for a revolution in the global car industry. Adoption of electric cars in the UK is accelerating, and we are now at an inflection point of electric vehicles (EVs) making the jump from niche to mainstream. Like it or not, the electric revolution is gathering pace and there’s no turning back now.

This is no kneejerk reaction to recent fuel shortages and increasing pump prices – although these factors, plus the enormous media attention of the COP26 climate conference currently taking place in Glasgow, have certainly heightened awareness of electric cars as a viable option for most households.

Consumer demand has been steadily building over the last 18 months, matched by a rapidly increasing number of new EVs being offered by car manufacturers. With many more new models set to arrive in 2022, the pace of the UK’s motoring electrification will continue to accelerate.

But it’s not just sales where EVs are taking off. The latest generation of electric cars is a big step forward over earlier models, and our Expert Ratings show that new EVs are consistently getting better review scores than their petrol and diesel equivalents from the motoring media.

There are still challenges to overcome to make electric vehicles a genuinely preferred option for all customers, but we’re now past the point of questioning whether electric cars are really the future. In September (one of the two big months of the year for new car sales), EVs took more than 15% of the market and outsold diesel cars, and the rate of growth is only accelerating.

The UK has set a deadline of 2030 to end sales of new petrol and diesel cars, but the reality is that the majority of new cars will be electric long before then. Several car manufacturers have already announced dates for becoming EV-only well before 2030, so we will even see sweeping changes to the new car marketplace by 2025.

We will be tracking the growth of electric cars, as well as every aspect of the new car market, in our quarterly reports. As always, our goal is to bring you the best information and advice on what’s really happening in the car industry so you can make the best decisions for your motoring needs.

Click here or on the image below to open the Expert Rating Index report. Full data tables are available on request.


For more information, please contact:

Stuart Masson, Editorial Director

Tom Johnston

Expert Rating Index report, Autumn 2021