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As we approach the 2030 deadline for petrol and diesel new cars, The Car Expert has all the latest news, advice and analysis on EVs

Like it or not, you won’t be able to buy a new petrol, diesel or regular hybrid car after 2030 in the UK. Your choice will be limited to fully electric or plug-in hybrid cars until 2035 – and then the plug-in hybrids will disappear from new car showrooms as well.

Here at The Car Expert, we don’t care whether your car is powered by petrol, diesel, electricity or fairy dust. We’re not going to tell you that an EV is better or worse than a petrol car, or that you should definitely buy one or definitely not buy one. What we want to do is make sure you understand the differences for buying, owning and driving an electric car so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Electric cars have improved enormously over the last few years, and many of the criticisms of EVs are no longer valid. But they’re not perfect – they just have different problems to petrol cars. There’s also a learning curve involved when you switch to an EV, regardless of how easy that salesperson makes it all sound. We’re here to help, with useful, practical and impartial advice about everything to do with electric cars.

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Latest EV features and advice

Petrol vs. electric: which is cheaper to service?

Using our Expert Rating Index and manufacturer price lists, we've crunched the numbers to compare servicing costs for EVs vs fossil-fuel cars. The results were clear.

Falling used car values are good news for consumers

Used car values are likely to keep falling all year, with EV prices falling faster than petrol cars, particularly in the second half of the year.

Electric cars – what’s on sale and what’s coming in 2024?

What electric cars does your favourite car brand offer? Our 2024 guide reveals what's already in showrooms and what's on the way.

Best EV salary sacrifice providers

Salary sacrifice allows employees to drive a new EV for considerably less money than PCP or leasing. We highlight the best UK providers.

How much range do you really need?

A big issue that is raised about EVs is a lack of driving range compared to a petrol car, but are we thinking about this in the wrong way?

Is the goverment digging a grave for the car industry?

The UK government is creating a crisis for the car industry by bashing EVs while mandating car companies to massively increase their sales.

Latest EV Expert Ratings

Peugeot e-308

The electric Peugeot e-308 is a comfortable and well-built family car, but its only stand out trait is its high price tag.

Omoda E5

The Omoda E5 is a mid-sized EV SUV/crossover and the first model to be launched by new Chinese brand Omoda. Our award-winning Expert Rating has all you need to know about this new car.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

Blistering speed and entertaining driving dynamics make the electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 N a proper driver's car, but its pricing is rather high.


The BMW iX2 is a powerful and plush coupé-SUV, but higher pricing and less practicality stops reviewers from recommending it over its iX1 sibling.

Fisker Ocean

The Fisker Ocean is a unique all-electric SUV proposition with a long battery range, but many reviewers take issue with its interior trim.

Mercedes-AMG EQE

Very fast and comfortable - the Mercedes-AMG EQE is an impressive all-round performance package, but its interior has faced criticism.

Latest EV news and reviews

Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer estate now on sale

Volkswagen's all-electric alternative to its new petrol Passat estate, the ID.7 Touring is now on sale with a competitive battery range.

Battery range boost for Mercedes-Benz EQS

The Mercedes-Benz EQS has been given a battery range boost and a refreshed front-end which also introduces a hood ornament.

Honda e:Ny1 range gets price cut

Honda has decided to revise the pricing of its e:Ny1 crossover, bringing the car's price tag closer to that of its EV rivals.

All-new Audi Q6 e-tron unveiled

Audi has officially revealed the new Q6 e-tron SUV - the electric equivalent of the brand's petrol-powered Q5.

All-new compact Skoda Epiq EV unveiled

Skoda has revealed a new budget-end electric crossover - the Epiq - which will go on sale in the UK in 2025.

New BMW X2 and iX2 coupé-SUVs now on sale

The new BMW X2 coupé-SUV range has arrived in the UK, with petrol mild-hybrid and all-electric iX2 models now available to order.