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The Car Expert has a wide range of articles covering every aspect of buying a new or used car.

Buying a car can be a very stressful and confusing time for many people. Fortunately, The Car Expert has a wide range of articles covering every aspect of buying a new or used car.

Take your time, read through several articles and consider all your options before signing on the dotted line. With our award-winning advice to guide you, you’ll end up with a much better chance of getting the right deal on the right car for your needs.

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Our top car buying articles

The ten golden rules for buying a car

Buying a new or used car? Follow these pearls of wisdom from The Car Expert and make sure you get the right car for the right price.

The best websites for buying a new or used car

As online car buying becomes more popular thanks to a year of lockdowns, which sites should you trust? We round up the top contenders.

I bought a car and now I’ve changed my mind

Buyer’s Remorse is common in the car industry. You've bought a car, and now you've changed your mind or run into problems. What can you do?

Should I buy a pre-registered car?

Pre-registered cars are on the increase again. The salesman says it's a great deal on what is basically a 'brand new car', but what's the real story?

More car buying advice

How does the British number plate system work?

Many people find the British number plate system bewildering. The Car Expert explains how it all works and what all the letters and numbers really mean.

EV running costs spark growing interest among drivers

Awareness of electric vehicles gains momentum as new figures show how much cheaper EV running costs are than those of a similar petrol car.

How our Expert Rating scores are calculated

The Car Expert's unique Expert Rating index is now the gold standard for rating and ranking new cars in the UK. Here's why.

Car subscription services explained

Car subscriptions are being billed as the next big thing for people who don't want a traditional lease, so we have a look at how they work.

Drivers in growing charge for electric cars

Research shows the number of motorists now considering an electric vehicle as their next purchase has risen by 32% in the last 12 months.

Drivers more reliant on their cars post-Covid

A new report has found that over half of drivers say their cars have become more important to them through the Covid-19 pandemic (sponsored).

Is it worth checking car history in the UK?

When you buy a used vehicle, one of the most important things to do is to check the car’s history from a trustworthy platform (sponsored).

Should I buy a Cat S or Cat N used car?

Now and then you’ll find a used car for sale with either Cat S or Cat N next to it. What does this mean and what do you need to know?

Electric car charging: How does it really stack up in 2021?

Many perceptions about electric car charging are no longer accurate, so we’ve put together this guide to the current state of EV charging.

The complete guide to choosing your next BMW

John Clark BMW brings you a guide to the enormous choice of saloon, estates, SUVs and sports cars that make up the BMW range (sponsored).

Semiconductor shortage causing headaches for new car customers

A worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips is causing major headaches for car manufacturers, but how does it affect customers? (sponsored)

When is a 4×4 not a 4×4?

What is the difference between 4x4, 4WD and AWD? What is a 'faux-by-four'? And how good will your SUV really be in the snow?

EVs now suitable for majority of drivers

New research shows that the average range of the latest electric cars is comfortably able to cope with the weekly needs of most households.

Hands. Face. Space … and fewer cars?

Car showrooms may be reopening, but households are considering whether to sell their cars as Covid-19's impact on motoring continues.

Your guide to buying a used car online

Buying a used car online may not be cheaper than at a dealership, but the simplicity and the convenience will win out for many car buyers.

How does salary sacrifice work for employees?

One of the most popular ways of running a company car is through a salary sacrifice scheme, so we're looking at how it works.

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