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Whether buying or leasing, subscribing, salary sacrificing or taking a car allowance, The Car Expert’s car finance advice can help get you get the best car for your budget.

Most people buying a new or used car will do so using some sort of car finance. The Car Expert provides independent and impartial information on every aspect of car finance.

The Car Expert gives you the knowledge you need to be able to make an informed decision about any finance agreement you are considering. You should always consider any finance offer carefully before signing a contract or agreement. The Car Expert does not provide specific advice on any finance quotation or offer.

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Looking for specialist finance solutions or an alternative to dealer finance on a new or used car? Our commercial partners can offer you a great deal.

The best car subscription providers

Ever thought about subscribing to a car rather than leasing it? We've just updated our list of the top car subscription providers in the UK.

Car subscriptions – pausing and changing

If you want to stop and start a car subscription – perhaps while you’re out of the country – or switch between different types...

The best websites for leasing a new car

If you're looking to lease a new car, which websites should you turn to? We've had a look at some of the best car leasing sites to help you.

The best websites for used car finance

It pays to shop around for used car finance rather than accepting what the car dealer says. We look at the best sites around.

Car subscription services explained

Car subscriptions have exploded in popularity for people who don't want a traditional lease, so we have a look at how they work.

Can you sell your car if it has outstanding finance?

Trying to sell your car can be quite the hassle, and things certainly get confusing when the car has outstanding finance. Whatever your agreement, we talk you through your options.

PCP car finance FAQs

The Car Expert has put together this list of PCP car finance FAQs to help you with questions about car finance that car dealers won't answer.

Personal Contract Purchase: the PCP explained

The personal contract purchase (PCP) is the UK's most popular type of car finance. The Car Expert explains everything you need to know.

What happens to your car finance agreement if you die?

When taking out car finance, almost no-one thinks: "What would happen to this car finance agreement if I should die before it's paid off?"

Car subscriptions – a flexible alternative to leasing

Car subscriptions offer a flexible alternative to traditional financing methods like PCP or leasing, allowing you to change cars more often.

Can I get car finance if I’m unemployed?

Car finance is essential for millions of people to buy a car for getting around. But what if you're unemployed? The Car Expert explains.

Do I have to service my car with the dealer if I have a PCP?

The popularity of PCP car finance has allowed car manufacturers to be sneaky in forcing you to have your car serviced by their dealers.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) explained

Leasing a car has always been popular for businesses, but it's increasing for personal users as well. We explore personal contract hire.

Your next car: buying vs leasing

There are many ways to fund your next new or used car. We look at the options and implications when it comes to buying vs leasing a car.

Car finance: Voluntary termination of a PCP or HP

Voluntary termination is your legal right to cancel your PCP or HP car finance agreement in certain circumstances. The Car Expert explains how it works.

In good company: which car scheme should your business offer?

It’s fairly easy for any employer to organise a company car scheme. The difficult part is deciding which model is right for your business.

The ten golden rules for buying a car

Buying a new or used car? Follow these pearls of wisdom from The Car Expert and make sure you get the right car for the right price.

Can I cancel my car finance on medical grounds?

What are your rights if you can't afford your monthly car finance payments because of medical issues? The Car Expert has the answers.

How does salary sacrifice work for employees?

One of the most popular ways of running a company car is through a salary sacrifice scheme, so we're looking at how it works.

Can I take out car finance for someone else?

Can you take out car finance in your name if the car is for someone else? This is called an accommodation deal, and it causes considerable confusion.

Could you be driving an electric car for less money?

New research from Tusker shows that more people are looking to make the switch to an EV for their next car. (sponsored)

Car finance: Top 10 PCP myths busted

Based on all the questions about PCP finance we have received here over the last few years, we've listed our Top 10 PCP myths – and then busted them.

Regulator confims new coronavirus car finance measures

The Financial Conduct Authority has set out new car finance measures to help borrowers affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

How to avoid finance and leasing penalty charges

With most new cars funded through either PCP or contract hire, it's important that your car is in good condition when you hand it back.

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Most car finance agreements in the UK are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and anyone involved in the selling of car finance must be accredited by the FCA.

You should always consider the terms and conditions of any agreement carefully before taking out any form of car finance, as you are making a substantial ongoing commitment and there may be significant costs if you change your mind or are unable to meet your commitments at a later date.