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Getting the best deal on your car insurance could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds. The Car Expert is here to help.

Unfortunately, events can happen to cause damage to or loss of your car – regardless of whether or not it’s your fault. That’s where car insurance comes in. Car insurance is also important for making sure you are covered if your car causes damage to someone else or their property.

It’s obviously pretty important to have insurance to take care of these expenses if they do happen, so you don’t have to pay huge sums out of your own pocket, but it’s important to be aware of all the factors that increase or decrease your insurance costs. With our award-winning advice to guide you, you’ll end up with a much better chance of getting the right car insurance cover for the right price.

Latest car insurance articles

Insurance claim or not?

Are you wondering whether the accidental damage to your car is too small for it to be worth filing an insurance claim? Here are some things to consider.

How do insurance ratings for new cars work?

Every car, new or old, falls into a particular insurance group, which affects how much it costs to insure. So how are these groups decided?

How does a speeding fine affect your car insurance?

A speeding penalty will make your car insurance more expensive, but there are things you can do to help manage the costs.

What is tyre insurance and do I need it?

Many people will encounter tyre insurance at the car dealership when buying a new or used car. But what is it and do you need it?

What is breakdown cover and how can I get it cheaper?

What exactly does breakdown cover, well, cover? We explain what these policies do, who offers them, and how you can get them cheaper.

What is key insurance and do I need it?

Modern car keys can cost hundreds of pounds to replace, so should you consider buying key insurance? The Car Expert investigates.

Car insurance coming up for renewal? Get in early

A new study has shown that the point when you buy or renew your car insurance has a big impact on the premium you’ll pay. So when is best?

Car insurance cheaper as travel bans curb drivers

One positive effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is that car insurance premiums have fallen to their lowest average since 2015.

What’s the difference? Car warranty vs. car insurance

It’s can be unclear what the difference is between a car warranty and car insurance, but they are different forms of consumer protection.

Been in a shunt? Here’s how to sort out the mess

It’s one thing to start the New Year with a bang, but what if your 2021 starts with a prang or a shunt? Here are our ten top tips.

Will my insurance be invalidated if I drive during lockdown?

Will "non-essential" driving during the coronavirus lockdown invalidate your car insurance? The Car Expert has the answer.

Could you be invalidating your car insurance?

If you don't give your insurer the correct information about you, your car and your driving situation, your car insurance may not be valid.

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