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Cars are complicated machines, so regular service and maintenance are important to keep your car running properly.


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Putting off a car repair? It could cost you in the long run

A new survey shows millions of motorists are turning a blind eye to damage, even though it could come back to bite them hard.

Seven ways to protect your new car investment

A car is a big investment, regardless of whether it's new or used. So what can you do to protect that investment and minimise your costs?

Is your car safe and sound – or a potential MOT failure?

Do you drive a car that’s car legal and roadworthy? Or are you regularly jumping behind the wheel of an MOT failure without even knowing it?

Two-year service intervals, but is your car really fit for the road?

Greater technology, improved development and better build quality means that cars have become more reliable, economical and built with parts that should last longer....

Delaying tactics: how long can I put off car repairs?

Motoring is a costly business. However, maintaining your pride and joy is necessary for both your car’s well-being and safety.

Can I get an MOT or service during the second lockdown?

We answer your questions about whether garages, service centres and MOT test stations can remain open during the UK's second lockdown.

Third of car owners putting off servicing because of coronavirus

A third of car owners have delayed servicing as a result of financial constraints brought on by Covid-19, a new survey has found.

Drivers urged to book MOT tests now to avoid the rush

Drivers are being urged to get their cars MOT tested this summer to avoid the rush once the six-month coronavirus extension expires in August.

Mandatory MOT tests to return from August

Mandatory MOT tests for cars more than three years old will return from August, the government has announced today.

Car companies causing ‘undue stress’ over servicing demands

A number of car companies are causing ‘unnecessary stress’ for customers who can’t get their vehicles serviced during the coronavirus lockdown. Car owners are worried...

All cars to get six-month MOT exemption

The government has announced that all cars, motorcycles and vans will get a six-month exemption from MOT testing in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: I’m self-isolating but my car’s MOT is due. What can I do?

We spoke to the DVSA to see how upcoming vehicle MOT testing will be affected by the current coronavirus situation. Here's our advice for car owners.