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Car maintenance

Cars are complicated machines, so regular service and maintenance are important to keep your car running properly.

Every car – regardless of whether it’s new or used, whether it’s petrol, hybrid or electric, whether it’s cheap or expensive – needs maintenance. It’s an expense that no car owner relishes, but it’s essential for the safe and efficient operating of your car.

Once it gets to three years old, your car will need an annual MOT roadworthiness inspection as well, to prove that it is safe to be driven on public roads. For everything you need to know about keeping your car in good working order, The Car Expert has plenty of helpful guides and advice.

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Latest car maintenance articles

Best cosmetic car repair providers

Want to repair that light damage without an expensive and time-consuming visit to a bodyshop? We round up the best mobile repair providers in the UK.

Should I rotate my tyres?

Your car’s tyres are essential, and one way to help look after them is by rotating their position on your car. Here’s why it’s important.

Petrol vs. electric: which is cheaper to service?

Using our Expert Rating Index and manufacturer price lists, we've crunched the numbers to compare servicing costs for EVs vs fossil-fuel cars. The results were clear.

The UK’s best car breakdown cover providers

Enjoying your road trip? Well, you were until your car broke down. Now what? We list the UK’s best car breakdown cover providers.

Simple checks that could avoid a motorway breakdown

Nobody wants to grind to a halt at the side of a motorway, and yet the most common causes of a breakdown are batteries, tyres and fuel.

Preparing your car for winter

Some car checks before the clocks go back and the temperature gauge begins heading south could pay handsomely for you in the long run.

Five fluids you should check regularly

Your car won’t work for long if it doesn’t have the right level of fluids. Here’s what you should check and top up on a regular basis.

Is my car leaking oil?

It’s your engine’s lifeblood and something you simply can’t do without. How can you spot that your car is leaking oil, and what should you do?

Ten car smells that could mean problems

Car doesn’t sound right? Or feel right? But how about smell right? Here’s how an odour can help you detect a potential problem on your motor.

Looking after your car exhaust

It may be hidden underneath your car, but don’t forget about your exhaust. This important part needs care and attention. Here’s why and how.

Ten tell-tale signs that your exhaust could be broken

Is your car noisier or emitting more smoke than usual? The exhaust is probably on the way out. Here’s how to check for certain.

How to check the age of your tyres

They’re vital for your safety, comfort and well-being, but they can degrade as they get older. So here’s how to check the age of your tyres.

How to claim for pothole damage

Damaged your car by driving into a pothole? You might be able to claim compensation from your local authority. Here’s how.

How to store tyres correctly

Do you swap your tyres between summer and winter? If you do – or are planning to – it’s worth knowing how to store tyres that are not in use.

Car battery failures on the rise as cold snap continues

With the weather turning cold and icy, it's important that your car is working efficiently to keep you safe when you're out on the roads.

Why concerns about electric car batteries are overblown

It’s the largest component in any electric car, but as we explain, the battery should be trouble-free for a very long time.

What’s important in a car’s service history?

Looking for a used car, you often see ‘service history’ or ‘full service history (FSH)’ advertised. What does it mean and what’s important?

What sort of tyre sidewall damage is dangerous?

We break down which types of tyre sidewall damage is acceptable and dangerous, and what would fail an MOT inspection.

How to prepare for the annual MOT test   

Nobody wants to fail an MOT test, so these tips will help you prepare, and give you a better chance of a pass.

Telltale signs you have a slow puncture

Not sure if you have a slow puncture in one of your tyres? We discuss the signs to look for, and what you should do next.

Electric car servicing

With no oil, filters, belts and plugs to change, nor gearboxes or clutches to wear out, electric cars are simpler to service, and cheaper too.

Should I get a car servicing plan?

A fixed price plan to pay for your car's servicing is becoming a popular extra, much like service plans for new boilers. But is it worth it?

Cold comfort: looking after your car’s air conditioning

It keeps your temperatures down and your comfort levels up, but your car's air conditioning needs looking after, too.

Sun cream, towels, luggage, tyres…

With fewer people flying abroad this year for a holiday more families are, as expected, hitting the roads and opting for a ‘staycation’ somewhere...

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