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Servicing, road tax, warranties, consumer rights advice and more. The Car Expert is your one-stop-shop for car ownership tips and advice.

Owning a car can be expensive and, at times, confusing for many people. Fortunately, The Car Expert has a wide range of articles covering every aspect of owning and running a car. With our award-winning advice to guide you, you’ll end up with a much better chance of working through your ownership issues and enjoying an easier life!

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Our top car ownership articles

Rejecting a car – your consumer rights

Have you bought a new or used car that is faulty or not fit for purpose? Read The Car Expert's comprehensive guide to your consumer rights when rejecting a car.

Used car warranty – the law and your rights

If you are buying a second-hand car, there can be considerable confusion as to what to expect in terms of a used car warranty and what your rights are when something goes wrong.

New car warranty – Do I have to have my car serviced by a dealership?

We clear up the confusion about whether car owners must have their cars serviced by a franchised dealership to protect their new car warranty.

Average car costs more than £160 per month to run

A new report has calculated that the average UK motorist spends £162 per month on running their car – not including the cost of the car itself.

More car ownership advice

How to deter car thieves on a budget

The UK has seen an increase in vehicle thefts recently, but you can take some precautions to keep your car safe without breaking the bank.

Insurance claim or not?

Are you wondering whether the accidental damage to your car is too small for it to be worth filing an insurance claim? Here are some things to consider.

How does a speeding fine affect your car insurance?

A speeding penalty will make your car insurance more expensive, but there are things you can do to help manage the costs.

How to minimise the risk of your car being stolen

Aside from your car's standard alarm or immobiliser, there are simple things you can do to reduce the chance of your car being stolen.

Electric car charging explained

Finding it hard to understand all of this new EV charging jargon? Our helpful car charging glossary will tell you all you need to know (sponsored).

Tyre markings explained

Buying tyres can seem like trying to understand a foreign language. Our helpful tyre guide explains all the key markings you need to know.

Buying a used electric car – what can go wrong?

They will never have gearbox, clutch or exhaust system failures, but electric cars have their own unique set of potential repair issues.

Tyre pressure: what you need to know

It may seem like a hassle, but making sure you have the right tyre pressure can improve how your car drives and save you money at the pumps.

The best websites for selling your car

Selling your car is quick and easy these days thanks to the internet – but which sites offer the best option? Here's our handy guide.

Rising costs lead drivers to question breakdown cover

An increase in the cost of living has left drivers looking for savings in their motoring costs, including cancelling their breakdown cover.

To key or not to key?

It’s a popular feature on many new cars, but is keyless car technology opening up security problems for owners? (sponsored)

Hole lot of trouble for wheels and tyres

The cost of damage caused by potholes on Britain’s roads has risen steeply in the last year, a new report has shown.

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