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Private sale, part-exchange or car buying agency? The Car Expert’s car selling advice can help get you get the best result when selling your car.

Selling your car can be a stressful event, and quite a hassle. Whether you’re selling privately, part-exchanging at a dealership as part of buying your next car or selling to a specialist car buying service, it’s difficult to know whether you’re getting a fair price for your car.

The Car Expert has partnered with Motorway, a comparison site for online car buying services and car dealers, to help you sell your car for the best price and least hassle.

Motorway shows you offers for your car from a range of professional buyers, many of whom will pay you immediately for your car and arrange to collect it from your home.

We pride ourselves on being independent and impartial when it comes to advising you on anything to do with your car, and we’re happy to recommend that you try Motorway to see if you can get a better price for your car. There’s absolutely nothing to lose and potentially hundreds of pounds to be gained.


There’s one important disclaimer we need to include right here. If you click on any of those big yellow Motorway boxes on this site and you do end up selling your car to one of its buyers, The Car Expert will get a small commission. It won’t affect the price you get for your car and there are no fees for you to pay, but we’ll get a few quid.

If, for some reason, you don’t like that idea, click on this link here to go to Motorway for the exact same service but without triggering a commission for us. We can’t be fairer than that.

Why should I sell my car with Motorway?

You’ve probably used comparison sites to help get a better deal on things like insurance or energy providers. This is the same thing for selling your car – you enter your registration number and Motorway pulls in offers from dozens of specialist car buying services and thousands of verified car dealerships all over the UK. Some of them may be local businesses and some might be national companies.

These companies will pay you via bank transfer (so you’ll get your money quickly), and they’ll either collect the car from your home (in most instances) or ask you to drop it off at a dealership. You can see this info in the comparison table, so if you’d prefer not to have to drive somewhere to drop off your car then you can select a buyer who will come to you. Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of strangers coming to your home, you can choose a seller with a nearby drop-off location.

Will I get a better price than selling my car privately?

Like any comparison site, you’ll see a range of prices on offer. Some may be better and some may be worse than selling privately.

Whether the best price available is better than what you could get selling your car privately depends on a number of factors. These factors include level of damage, service history, specification and rarity of your car.

Selling privately means you have to take photos of your car, write an appealing advertisement and pay to place it on one or more sites to try and find a buyer. The process will inevitably take longer and there is no guarantee of success. It also means relying on either cash payment or a bank transfer from a random stranger, with no assurances of whether their money is legitimate.

It’s worth comparing offers from Motorway with private sale sites on this basis. Another thing to bear in mind is that you can see what other private sellers may be asking for their cars, but you can’t see what price they end up accepting from a buyer.

What you will always gain from Motorway or any other professional car buying service is safe and secure payment from a verified buyer, and you’ll also save the hassle of selling the car yourself. Motorway finds the professional buyer or dealer in its network that is willing to pay the most, and the service is quick and hassle-free.

Will I get a better price than part-exchanging at a dealer?

Motorway often beats part-exchange prives through its 3,000+ network of car dealers nationwide. In fact, it’s one of the main reason sellers visit the website after recieving a low part-exchange quote.

Another big advantage in selling your car separately instead of part-exchanging it is clarity and transparency on what you’re really being paid for your car.

When part-exchanging, you’re basically negotiating the price of your current car as well as the price of the new car, and the dealer can play one of those prices off against the other to make it look like you’re getting a better deal than you really are.

By using Motorway, or any other specialised car selling service, you’re getting a transparent price for your current car, which means you can then negotiate the best price with a dealership on your next car.

What are the downsides of selling my car with Motorway?

None. If you’re not happy with the prices offered on your car, you don’t have to accept any of them. There are zero obligations to proceed with any of the offers presented.

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Motorway Online Ltd is a commercial partner of The Car Expert. If you click on any Motorway banner on this site, you will be taken to the Motorway website. If you proceed to sell your car through Motorway, we may receive a commission. This does not affect the price you receive for your car.