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Proof positive from Tusker

Salary sacrifice provider Tusker has been carbon neutral for 11 years, but has now jumped forward into ‘positive’ territory.

Charge for a charge: Where can I power up my EV?

Keeping your electric car topped up and ready for the road is best done at home, but if you’re out and about, what are your options?

Which car company will be the first to hit 1 million EV sales?

Together with Moneyshake, we reveal the top ten brands racing to 1 million EV sales – who will win and who is falling behind? (sponsored)

Still a place for petrol engines, says Mazda

Mazda believes petrol and diesel engines still have a future role alongside EVs, especially if they are powered by renewable fuels.

When is a 4×4 not a 4×4?

What is the difference between 4x4, 4WD and AWD? What is a 'faux-by-four'? And how good will your SUV really be in the snow?

Adaptive cruise control – what is it and how does it work?

More and more cars now come with adaptive cruise control either as standard or as an optional extra. But what does it do and is it for you?

Where’s my spare wheel?

One of the least-popular trends in modern car design is the almost total disappearance of the traditional full-size spare tyre / spare wheel.

Petrol, hybrid or electric: what gets you motoring?

As we set course for banning new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, what are your power choices for buying a new car right now?

How accurate is your car speedometer?

Have you noticed that your car speedometer sometimes reads faster than your satnav says? It's very common. Find out why this happens.

Different types of gearbox explained

Do you find the different types of gearbox all a bit confusing? What's a DCT, or a CVT, or a DSG? The Car Expert is here to help.

What is a mild hybrid?

Car companies are rushing to launch mild hybrid models as quickly possible. But what is a mild hybrid and should you bother with one?

Lunaz reveals classic Rolls-Royce electric conversions

British manufacturer Lunaz has unveiled two new classic Rolls-Royce models converted to electric power – the first of their kind.

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