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Car tyres

Those four black things on each corner of your car are the only thing keeping it in contact with the ground, so they’re very important but often ignored. The Car Expert has plenty of top tyre tips to help.

Every car – regardless of whether it’s new or used, whether it’s petrol, hybrid or electric, whether it’s cheap or expensive – needs tyres. Your car’s only point of contact with the road is four small patches of rubber where your tyres touch the tarmac, so car tyres are critically important.

Tyres can make a huge difference to your car’s performance, its fuel economy and its safety. Yet most car owners pay little to no attention to their tyres, apart from grumbling when an annual service or MOT test report points out that they need changing.

With The Car Expert’s award-winning advice to guide you, you’ll end up understanding more about your car tyres and how to get the best value for your hard-earned money.

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Should I rotate my tyres?

Your car’s tyres are essential, and one way to help look after them is by rotating their position on your car. Here’s why it’s important.

The UK’s best online tyre retailers

Is it time to replace your car's tyres? The Car Expert has all the UK's best online tyre retailers listed right here.

Tyre markings explained

Buying tyres can seem like trying to understand a foreign language. Our helpful tyre guide explains all the key markings you need to know.

How to check the age of your tyres

They’re vital for your safety, comfort and well-being, but they can degrade as they get older. So here’s how to check the age of your tyres.

How to store tyres correctly

Do you swap your tyres between summer and winter? If you do – or are planning to – it’s worth knowing how to store tyres that are not in use.

Road legal – or safe? When to replace car tyres

In the UK car tyres must have at least 1.6mm of tread. But is it safe to wear your tyres down to the limit, or should you change them sooner?

Retread tyres – a cheaper, greener alternative?

Should we be taking more notice of retreaded tyres? Yes - they're cheaper and much more environmentally friendly than brand-new tyres.

Tread carefully – are used tyres a good idea?

As the cost of living crisis starts to bite, is it worth considering used tyres or retreaded tyres? The Car Expert investigates.

All-season tyres: should you bother?

August may not seem like the ideal time to be talking about tyre performance during winter months. But if you are likely to be buying tyres any time in the next few months, it could be vital.

Do electric cars need special tyres?

Tyres fitted to EVs have to cope with a range of different forces compared to those of a petrol car. So what are these differences?

What sort of tyre sidewall damage is dangerous?

We break down which types of tyre sidewall damage is acceptable and dangerous, and what would fail an MOT inspection.

Managing tyre wear

Are tyres down to the legal minimum tread depth still safe, or should you change them? We look at how to make your tyres last longer.

Telltale signs you have a slow puncture

Not sure if you have a slow puncture in one of your tyres? We discuss the signs to look for, and what you should do next.

Tyre pressure: what you need to know

It may seem like a hassle, but making sure you have the right tyre pressure can improve how your car drives and save you money at the pumps.

Hole lot of trouble for wheels and tyres

The cost of damage caused by potholes on Britain’s roads has risen steeply in the last year, a new report has shown.

What is tyre insurance and do I need it?

Many people will encounter tyre insurance at the car dealership when buying a new or used car. But what is it and do you need it?

How to deal with aquaplaning

What is aquaplaning? Although it sounds like an extreme water sport, it is a very dangerous phenomenon which can occur on a very wet road.

Sun cream, towels, luggage, tyres…

With fewer people flying abroad this year for a holiday more families are, as expected, hitting the roads and opting for a ‘staycation’ somewhere...

Are you driving on illegal tyres?

Four million cars could be being driven on the road with illegal tyres that are bald or damaged, according to new research published this week.

Motorists warned about buying used tyres

Motorists may be putting lives at risk buying used tyres, councils have warned, as an investigation found nearly half of part-worn tyres examined to be unsafe.

Essential off-road driving accessories

Many 4x4 owners wouldn’t dream of going off-road for fear of breaking down or getting stuck. But as long as you're properly equipped, you should be fine.

Potholes cost pounds

In the past 12 months, potholes caused damage to vehicles costing a total of £915 million to repair, according to a study for Kwik Fit.

Tyre safety advice

Motorists should check the condition, tread depth and pressure of their tyres regularly or face a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points.

How to deal with a tyre blowout

Tyre blowouts are a much rarer occurrence than they ever used to be, thanks largely to the improved design and quality of modern tyres. When they do occur, however, they can be extremely dangerous and scary, especially when you are doing seventy miles per hour on a busy motorway.

Budget tyres vs premium tyres

Do budget tyres represent better value for money than premium tyres? We help explain what you should look for.
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