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How does a speeding fine affect your car insurance?

A speeding penalty will make your car insurance more expensive, but there are things you can do to help manage the costs.

Road rage: the consequences of confrontation

No matter how angry you feel about another driver, it is really for the best to avoid getting drawn into road rage.

Driver error blamed for rising crash figures

We all think we’re great drivers on the road, but new research has shown a big leap in serious collisions – and driver error is to blame.

Top ten winter driving myths debunked

As the cold sets in here in the UK, we debunk the common misconceptions about winter driving once and for all.

How to deal with aquaplaning

What is aquaplaning? Although it sounds like an extreme water sport, it is a very dangerous phenomenon which can occur on a very wet road.

Driving safely, whatever the weather

Driving safely is critical when weather turns nasty, yet some drivers seem to lose their senses exactly when good judgment is most important.

How to stay safe when driving in the dark

Winter is coming, and that means the sun is rising later and the evenings are quickly becoming shorter.For those of us commuting to and...

Loud music a dangerous distraction

A new study had found that loud music while driving hits all the wrong notes for road safety. Here's our top five tips for musical motoring.

Death of the manual gearbox?

The growing number of electric vehicles coming on to the UK’s roads is leading to a change in young motorists’ future driving ambitions.

The cost of speeding

Worrying new UK speeding statistics have been released as safety campaigners say watching your speed saves money… and lives.

Top 10 drink-driving myths

Every year, around 55,000 people in England and Wales are convicted of drink-driving offences. We bust some of the biggest myths.

Increase in new drivers losing their licences

Figures obtained by road safety charity IAM Roadsmart has shown an increase in the number of newly qualified drivers losing their licence.

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