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GAP insurance is designed to protect the value of your car in the event of it being written off or stolen. The Car Expert has all the information you need to know.

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GAP insurance is a specific kind of insurance that is separate to regular comprehensive car insurance.

In the event that your car is written off in an accident or stolen (and not recovered), GAP insurance covers you over and above what your car insurance pays out. It can either cover the shortfall between your insurance payout and the original price of the car, or it can cover you for any outstanding car finance payments.

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With used cars getting ever more expensive and finance amounts skyrocketing, GAP insurance for used cars is well worth considering.

What sort of GAP policy is best if I have a PCP?

If you have a PCP car finance agreement, GAP insurance can protect you from crippling finance debt if your car is stolen or written off.

The future of GAP insurance

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We’ve pulled together some handy tips to help you save money and get the best value on your car's GAP insurance policy.

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Finding and buying a better GAP insurance deal has become a lot easier with this handy guide from The Car Expert.

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A car is a big investment, regardless of whether it's new or used. So what can you do to protect that investment and minimise your costs?

GAP insurance terminology

There are several different types of GAP insurance. We’ve compiled a list of terms you'll need to understand when considering a GAP policy.

Dealer vs. Online: Where to buy GAP insurance

If you're interested in taking out GAP insurance when buying a car, should you buy it from a car dealer or an online insurance provider?

What is GAP insurance and should you have it?

If you've ever bought a car from a dealership, you will have heard of GAP insurance. But what is GAP and should you be buying it?

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