Ford owners – Are you ready for the new Edge SUV?

2015 Ford Edge SUV 03

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Is it a crossover or an SUV? It doesn’t much matter to Ford, seeing as how the Edge has already been selling very well in the US for nine years. Now the Edge is on its way to the UK to directly compete with the likes of the Volvo XC60, the Audi Q5, and the BMW X5. Ford is hoping the 2015 Mk2 edition will increase its stranglehold on the UK car-buying market.

Along with the Edge, Ford also plans to debut two additional SUV models in Europe: the EcoSport and the Kuga. However, both of those models are closer to crossovers whereas the Edge is almost a pure SUV. The combination of all three should give Ford’s competitors a run for their money; at least insofar as price is concerned. As for performance, we do not yet know for sure where the Edge stands.

Replacing the Explorer

When Ford was still selling the Explorer in Europe at the turn of the century, the SUV was doing okay in terms of market share. However, the Explorer was discontinued in the UK when Ford chose to adopt a new SUV platform beginning in 2002. That means that Edge is the first large SUV that Ford has sold in the UK in more than 12 years.

You might be impressed with the Edge at first sight thanks to its oversized chrome grille, alloy wheels, LED lights, and unusually boxy profile. It looks more like a futuristic all-terrain rover than a stylish crossover meant to attract young professionals. And that’s the way Ford wants it. The EcoSport and Kuga are for one market while the Edge is targeted at an entirely different segment.

Edge specifications

Real SUV fans want to know what is under the bonnet; Ford does not disappoint in that regard. The Edge Mk2 is built on a 2-litre turbo diesel engine delivering either 178bhp or 207bhp, depending on model. The former will come with a six-speed manual transmission while the latter offers an automatic transmission with a second turbocharger. The road tax on the 207bhp model will obviously be higher due to greater CO2 omissions. Some sources say the difference could be as much as £35 per year. Ford has not published mileage data as of yet.

2015 Ford Edge SUV 01Ford will begin by offering only the 4WD model in the UK. Eventually, there will be a 2WD option for those that want the looks and nameplate without the higher running costs. Ford has not yet said when the second group will make its way across the Pond although it is quite likely the company will wait to see the 4WD sales numbers before settling on a date.

As far as the interior goes, designers are relying on the British love of technology and less-expensive luxury. Some of the early photos show a very plush interior that includes deep bucket seats, a modern looking console, and plenty of room to stretch the legs. Technology features include inflatable rear seat belts, active cruise control, and a bunch of new safety features such as blind spot warning, lane assist, autonomous braking, and signage recognition.

The price

Knowing all that the Edge offers in America – and assuming the Mk2 model in the UK will be nearly identical – the last question is one of price. Ford has not yet named a price, but speculation among industry analysts and reviewers places it somewhere in the £28,000 range for the base model. That gives the Edge an advantage over Audi and Volvo, whose comparable models are north of £30,000. It is certainly a better price than the BMW X5.

Ford is hoping that competing on price will draw enough Volvo, Audi, and BMW fans to their showrooms for a test drive. Personally if you’re looking to buy one, I would wait till the Ford Edge becomes available on Ford Direct as a used vehicle from dealers like jenningsforddirect – when this occurs new car pricing will drop like a stone.

If the Edge Mk2 lives up to past performance, it should have no trouble competing in nearly every category. We expect it to do very well as soon as it hits our shores later this year. Anything less would certainly be a disappointment.

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