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Elaine H

I have an Evoque which is leased through Arnold Clark . I got it in September 2016 and had only had it about 8 weeks when the first problem with the DPF occurred . Nearly 3 years down the line it has been in garage approx 22 times! It has had 4 new filters and as I write this it is back in requiring a 5th! The last time just before Christmas they were refusing to replace filter under warranty and there then became a stand off between Land Rover and Arnold clark leasing company who were also refusing to pay . Meanwhile I was caught in the middle getting calls from the garage suggesting that I pay! Eventually it was repaired as a “goodwill gesture” but with the threat to me that if it happened again I would be made to pay the next one and that one!! I am a community nurse and we are encouraged to lease cars through our hospital leasing dept so we can be reliable yet this is the most unreliable car I have ever had and I tell anyone who admires it just what it is really like. I pay a substantial amount towards my lease each month and expect good service however the last 3 years have just been appalling! I feel disbelieved and totally unsupported by the leasing company who seem to take the side of Land Rover who keep claiming it is my fault and due to driving style !! I am a community nurse making house calls so obviously I am going to be making lots of shortish journeys each week – I can’t change my job and at no point during the securing of my lease did anyone warn me that the Evoque had such a unique filter regeneration system compared to most other diesels . I have had diesel cars for the last 20 years and my last couple of cars ( Honda and Audi) had filters but I never had any problem with them at all. In fact the Audi was only in garage once for a service in the 3 years I had it ! I also do a reasonable amount of motorway driving particularly at weekends as my son plays sports matches all over the country . It doesn’t seem to make a difference though as even when I have done a very long motorway drive the amber dpf warning light has come on days later ! Engine transmission fault light has also come on countless times and that has accounted for at least 6 garage trips in a 2 month period . The garage would Say they fixed it and by the time I got home the light would have come on again ! Service warning lights coming on when it doesn’t need a service – the list of problems goes on and on. For the past year I have been trying to reject the car but leasing company refused to let me out of lease without paying hefty penalty . I feel constantly anxious about driving the car and am always scanning the dashboard for the DPF warning light. The minute it goes on I rush to motorway and drive up and down to clear it . This has caused all sorts of inconvenience- made me miss or be late for appointments . The problem is that you can’t predict when this is going to happen. I have many talents but being psychic is not one of them ! I had no problem from December until May this year and thought finally we had turned a corner . The amber light only went on about twice during that time and I promptly reacted to this and did the regeneration .(Last year the light was going on every week at one point so at least this was an improvement) By the way my driving pattern has not changed at all so go figure that out ! However this week I was driving when the amber light came on – it could only have been 40 secs when it then changed to red ! How on earth can that be a sufficient warning ! I had no opportunity to resolve it ! Apparently the filter is choked yet I regenerated it after an other amber warning last week ! I predict another wrangle ahead between me, the leasing company and land Rover . I have had enough – totally worn down by this car and it’s problems – the last few weeks I have been in tears countless times and a lot of this is just pure anger and frustration ! I can’t plan holidays as I don’t know how car is going to be . I have lost count of the amount of precious NHS hours that have been lost , patients let down because I have had to cancel and reschedule appointments due to having no transport . Endless trips to garages, waiting on Land Rover assistance coming out , waiting on courtesy cars being sourced , aimlessly driving up and down motorways to avert another disaster to the DPF. I have written lengthy emails to Arnold Clark complaining and requesting that they get me another car or else let me out my lease so I can get one elsewhere. They don’t even have the courtesy to reply to me personally although I know that they are in contact with my hospital car leasing department and have read them ! They seem to blindly accept land rovers line – i.e it is my fault . I have spoken to many Land Rover assistance guys , garage staff , independent mechanics and loads have told me “off the record” that the DPF is a major problem and one that Land Rover is well are of. The problem is as far as I can see that they can’t really do anything about as it is a design fault. Obviously they are phasing out diesels and it won’t be a problem much longer – not much use for all the poor people stuck with the old models ! I have another year of my lease to go but I can’t face another year of anxiety and misery so this is the end for me . I am taking my complaint to the chief executive of leasing company then the ombudsman if still no satisfactory resolution. Whilst I am saddened from reading on this forum that there are so many others in same position I am at least heartened that this proves it is not just me and it is not my fault . There is something clearly fundamentally wrong with the car. I for one would never have a Range Rover again and I actively discourage anyone who is thinking about getting one not to !!