BMW 1 Series steering problem

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      My daughter is 27 and 2 years ago she finally purchased her own car. I helped with the deposit and the finance was all agreed. Being a BMW driver for the last 10 years plus, I introduced her to BMW and we ended up on a 4-year deal on a second hand 3k miles 1 series. I believe its PCP where she can hand it back on guaranteed value.

      About 8 weeks ago, whilst driving home on the motorway. She changed lanes and the steering stuck. Fortunately she somehow managed to free the steering. Within 2 miles of home and finally driving onto her driveway i.e. full lock turn. It happened again, she subsequently bumped her partner’s car and smashed her headlight.

      She phone BMW straight away who carted the car off to the local dealer and provided her with a hire car.

      There were no lights or messages regarding the steering failing. So far the car had done 35k plus miles.

      The outcome is that after weeks of ‘testing’ they said 300 miles. BMW can not find a problem with the car and have said its fit to drive. Obviously that makes things worse, there was a problem and we can not find the root cause.

      We are now under pressure to have the car back. I have stated under no circumstances is my daughter getting back in that car.

      As part of the ongoing discussions, we looked at getting a new car. The old car due to the finance as a £4800 debt and BMW are willing to pay £2k. This leaves £2800 plus a deposit of £1500 to cover the cost of providing her with a new car.

      The Dealership suggested rejecting the car, but 2 years and 40k miles. Can we really do that?

      I am trying to be pragmatic and just have my daughter’s safety at heart.

      So my questions are

      Is this something which is known or happen before?
      Can BMW really wash their hands of this?
      It’s starting to feel like, this as become our problem to prove?

      Thanks in advance for any advice


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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Paul. Rejecting a used car after driving it for two years and 40,000 miles would be very, very difficult.

      Unless you can show that there is some inherent fault in the vehicle which only displayed itself on a car that is 2+ years old, your chances of getting anything out of BMW are going to be slim. If the car is still under new car warranty, you may be able to get the steering system replaced, but it will depend on exactly what has gone on.

      I would spend some time hunting through BMW forums around the world to see if other owners have experienced similar problems.

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      Avatarliam wood

      i have this same problem with my bmw

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